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longer need to go from computer to computer with an installation disk to access your documents. Instead, you can just log in from any computer or device and your data is all there. This development makes managing software much easier—all updating and maintenance are done in the cloud, by the program creators, rather than by you, the end-user. Still, the concept can still be difficult to grasp. Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge to business owners trying to keep up with technology is the need to market through social media—a need that didn't even exist five years ago. Just learning to manage a Facebook business page can take weeks, and when you add Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter to the mix, it's easy to become overwhelmed. An effective approach would be to focus on one outlet at a time, rather than try to learn everything at once. Pick a channel and give yourself a few weeks to get comfortable with it. Then move on to the next one, while continuing regular usage of the first one. By the time you get several outlets up and working for your business, you may feel like it's a full-time job. And many believe that it is. "Just managing the SEO (search engine optimization) is time-consuming and requires someone with special knowledge that most small business owners don't have," notes Michele Phillips, owner of Bellagio Salon & Day Spa in San Diego. This is where outsourcing may make sense; type "social media marketing" • Use FreeInfo #53 106 DAYSPA | OCTOBER 2013 ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP

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