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5 QUESTIONS WITH... Maritza Rodriguez, Global Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Pevonia International There are many factors at play in developing a successful product: marketing, branding and education, to name but three. To ensure that all of these aspects are successfully executed, an experienced and passionate marketing professional is of utmost importance. Fortunately for Pevonia International, the company has just such a person in Maritza Rodriguez, its global vice president of marketing & communications. Experience? No problem. When it comes to successfully developing—and redeveloping—a brand, Rodriguez' lengthy business qualifications prove she is no amateur. In addition to her 14 years with world-renowned skincare brand Pevonia, she has also served as a spa industry writer, developer of a children's book series, marketing manager for a publishing company, record label representative and founder of a beauty trade publication. Talk about a wellrounded career! Passion? Without a doubt. Despite the various hats she has worn throughout the course of her life, Rodriguez' heart always seems to bring her back to beauty and, essentially, to her current role with Pevonia. At a time when staff rosters seem to change with the weather, Rodriguez' loyalty to her company is noteworthy. She cites Pevonia's mission, branding and multi-faceted business model as the key elements that inspire her to remain true-blue. "We're committed to a stellar level of service and support, and superlative standards as a one-stop shop for professional, resultsdriven products, equipment, brands and tools," she says. Beyond subscribing to Pevonia's dynamic business philosophy, Rodriguez stays true to her two-fold, faithdriven personal philosophy, which has been a driving force in her career—and her life. "To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did," she shares. "I believe that the will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot protect you."—Angela Melero 36 DAYSPA | OCTOBER 2013 What were your career ambitions as a child? Growing up in Miami [Rodriguez was born in Cuba, but came to the U.S. before her second birthday], I wanted to become a lawyer and fight for justice and the underdog. However, after taking a few pre-law courses in college, reality set in, and I quickly realized this was not my niche—but journalism and communications was! 1 What is the most challenging aspect of your job? There's a constant battle to ensure the brand stays truly cohesive and relevant, and yet perfectly synergized with the diversity of our more than 100 global distribution centers. While I have implemented the internal processes and standards to support the framework, this is only achievable with the help of our talented marketing team, committed territory managers and global distributors, who work incessantly to uphold the brand's aura of prestige and stellar image. 2 If you were not working in the beauty industry, what would you be doing? It would have to be something entrepreneurial. Having worked within numerous small to mid- 3 sized businesses, I've been privileged to have been a foundational part of their market growth and success. I would love to devote the expertise I've developed as a marketing consultant to help start-ups move to the next level of their success story. That said, I love where I am. The skincare industry attracts an amazing level of professionals with a genuine passion for their business. Once you become involved, even if you wander off for a few years, you somehow manage to come full circle time and again. That seems to be my journey. What do you enjoy doing when you have spare time? I love to spend as much time with my family as is humanly possible, feed my soul, feed my mind and make a positive difference every chance I get. I also love music and have very diverse tastes, which encompass everything from world music, classical and opera, to Latin and the latest hits! 4 What skincare product do you refuse to live without? That would have to be Pevonia's new MicroRetinol at-home system. It has turned me into a true skincare junkie and even my family has noticed the difference in my skin! 5

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