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HEALING NEWS Hope Sprouts Survivor Fatigue The battle against breast cancer is just that—a battle, and it takes its physical and emotional toll. Women who've recently prevailed in that battle often find themselves with a lingering reminder of their experience in the form of persistent fatigue. Fortunately, complementary and alternative therapies are often effective in helping cancer survivors regain their normal levels of energy. If any of your spa's clients are fighting post-cancer fatigue, share these suggestions from the Mayo Clinic with them: • Perform gentle exercise Get an OK from your doctor to exercise a few times a week, adding more as your energy allows. Walking, swimming, yoga and tai chi are good options. • Manage stress Stress-reducing activities, and techniques such as muscle relaxation and visualization, are recommended. • Express feelings It's likely that a portion of the fatigue is emotional, and processing feelings will help. Consider journaling, joining a support group or seeing a counselor. The ongoing quest for nature-based breast cancer treatments has turned to a popular cruciferous vegetable: broccoli, or specifically, the young version known as "broccoli sprouts." These fledgling plants are rich in the organic compound glucoraphanin, a precursor of the molecule sulforaphane, which has been shown in studies to produce anticancer effects. So, researchers at New York's Roswell Park Cancer Institute, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, are conducting clinical trials to test their use in treatment scenarios. For the trial, which began earlier this year and will conclude in 2015, researchers are working with postmenopausal women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time and have not yet received any chemo- or endocrine therapy. The study is looking at whether broccoli sprout extract, taken for two weeks prior to the start of conventional cancer treatment, alters the biological markers associated with cancer cell growth. Other studies on broccoli sprouts have shown the plants to possess anticancer effects against prostate and urinary as well as breast cancers; to reduce Helicobacter pyloriinduced gastritis; to protect against oxidative stress-induced upper airway disease; and even possibly to protect the skin from UV radiation. For more information on the trial, visit and type "broccoli sprouts breast cancer" in the search box. Women and men who choose to have breast reconstruction following cancer surgery often find that their resulting appearance still falls too short of "normal," particularly when they're left with altered or missing areolae and/or nipples. In these cases, medical micropigmentation can provide realistic-looking results to help speed up true psychological recovery and a sense of normalcy. To help practitioners perform this in-demand procedure, Nouveau Contour offers Intelligent, the first computerized permanent cosmetics device with an Intel microprocessor chip. Software installed within its operating system allows the device to calculate the best needle frequency needed for optimal pigment retention for each unique area of application, enabling the practitioner to create believable reconstructions. Intelligent can also reduce the appearance of radiotherapy marks and diffuse post-procedural scarring. Nouveau Contour Academy offers a variety of advanced training classes for technicians who wish to provide this rewarding service. For information, visit Also, don't miss DAYSPA's special breast cancer coverage on 48 DAYSPA | OCTOBER 2013 © ISTOCKPHOTO Vital Reconstruction

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