OCT 2013

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Product quality rules, but product packaging sells. Here's what you need to know to balance the two. By Natalie Zett When a box arrives at our home, no one is more immediately intrigued than the family cat. This has nothing to do with whatever precious item this box may contain; for the notoriously curious feline, a corrugated carton is an object of mystery to be explored, dismantled or slept in. Well, it turns out that people exhibit a comparable type of animal instinct. Although we definitely care more than cats about what's inside a box, studies have shown time and again that many of our buying decisions, often made in seconds, are based almost entirely on our response to a product's outer packaging. Spa owners who increasingly rely on retail sales to turn healthy profits need to understand why some of their products fly off the shelves, while others gather dust. Could the answer be about the packaging? Do we really judge a book (or beauty product) solely by its cover? And if so, do spa owners need to become sales psychology scholars to make the most of their retail efforts? We asked marketing experts to share their insights on the potential impact— or lack thereof—of a spa product's packaging, and how to analyze a product package's sales potential. 76 DAYSPA | OCTOBER 2013

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