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THE BOX IS THE THING PEDRO N. ORTEGA, president, Wilma Schumann European Skin Care hile undeniably key, packaging is only part of a successful skincare system. "Nice packaging doesn't mean that the product will sell or, more importantly, sell repeatedly to the same client," says Ortega. "Clear, attractive, easy-to-use, functional, environmentally friendly and reasonably priced elements must all come together to offer a successful retail experience." That said, Ortega notes that Wilma Schumann European Skin Care has undergone three major branding and packaging changes in the last 15 years. "Brands are like people," he says. "They need to constantly change, improve and adapt to their environment if they're to thrive. Changes to packaging may be based on everything from mundane reasons—like new rules and regulations—to the creation of a new brand image or a new line. For us, each evolution has been designed to modernize and improve the presentation and functionality of our packaging. We're currently in the process of reviewing several of our product names in an effort to make them more consumer-friendly." Wilma Schumann follows up each packaging change by monitoring sales and customer feedback, and has had few regrets. "We do our due diligence first, so we can be sure that the consumer's input, through our focus groups, has made its way to the design. By doing so, we know that the Wilma Schumann has modernized not only its product packaging, but its product names. new packaging will fulfill its mission. The confirmation of our success is usually reflected in the sales and the comments that we receive immediately after the packaging is rolled out. We also send our packaging to an initial select group of close clients and gauge their responses. And, of course, there are the beauty shows where you really get instant feedback." Bottom line: Customer focus To consider: "Avoid cumbersome packaging and avoid unproven companies. Seek a product line that offers more than 'just a pretty face'." PACKAGE DEAL Even with the strongest possible packaging, products don't— despite what you might have heard—sell themselves. As a spa retailer, you have an important role in helping impactful product packaging do its job. "Create a compelling environment in your spa for the products," urges Andrea Koons, executive director of global marketing for Murad. "Make sure packaging isn't dusty or faded, 82 DAYSPA | OCTOBER 2013 and that the retail area is well lit so consumers can read the labeling. Products should look and feel new and fresh." Not happy with your retail products' packaging? Koons suggests checking with the brand company to see if you can create your own container, offering the products in pretty gift bags or grouping them with more attractive items. Marketing maven Leah Komaiko encourages spa owners to do their own research. "Visit other spas, spa conventions and trade shows, and read magazines like DAYSPA to see what people are doing with product packaging," she says. "Remember, the box is often a customer's first introduction to a spa home product, and a product can only make a first impression once. As you're selecting products to augment and enhance your business, the packaging IS the product!"

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