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How & Where Bio Jouvance Paris Started? Bio Jouvance Paris start- ed in France during the 1930s after the discov- ery of live cell therapy and the benefi ts re- ceived by the wounded soldiers coming back from war with severe skin burns. Cell therapy, skin rejuvenation, and Transformation of skin care began soon after When was Bio Jouvance Paris First introduced in United States Bio Jouvance Paris was Presented in the United States in 1984. It was the fi rst com- pany that pioneered "Live Cell Therapy" in the U.S. Which One of the Products Were First Introduced in the USA? Bio Lift, Beauty Globe and Cryo Ampules. Bio Jouvance Paris Cryo-Theraphy: These fresh frozen Cellular products are the achievement of 50 years of research in Cel- lular Biology by renowned Biologists in France and Switzerland. Our chemists have devel- oped products free of preservatives, additives, and alcohol, by preserving the vital powers of fresh cells via Bio Freezing Technique. How did Bio Jouvance Paris prod- ucts progress? Due to life changing results after the use of the Fresh frozen cells, its success and acceptance by Estheticians as well as the public, there was a high demand for a complete regimen of products for Professional and Personal use. Being a fast paced company as Bio Jouvance Paris is and pioneering in advance de- velopments of the latest in- gredients and techniques, Bio Jouvance Paris adapted to the newest trends and demands; therefore the addition of newly discovered technique of Gammotherapy and Biogaphyt Concept was added to Bio Jouvance Paris product processing developments. Biogaphyt Concept: It is the process of water reduction through vibration, which allows stabilization of the entire plant organ, preserving plant vitality and nutrients by 92-98%. Gammotherapy: In Latin, Gamma means pearl. Gammo- therapy is the utilization of plant buds, which are the embryos of a plant that is full of nutrients and minerals. Unlike aromatherapy, Gammotherapy uses the whole plant; leaves, bark, stem and the root. Therefore the whole plant and its vital nutrients are incorporated into a product that attend to specifi c skin con- dition. Bio Jouvance Paris utilizes these technologies to create a wide range of unique formulations to assure the highest and purest quality of skincare products. Preserving vital nutrients in Bio Jouvance Paris Products: Our products have minimum amount of preservatives and addi- tives that are made from natural sources. Due to its special preparation technique known as the "Biogaphyt Concept." The very low level of the "water availability" in the products ingredi- ents eliminates common causes of oxidation, dark- ening, hydrolysis and enzy- matic reactions and micro- bial proliferation. Bio Jouvance Paris laboratories use in- gredients known as, "Transdermal Deliv- ery System" for bet- ter results. CoQ10, Essentials Oils, Fresh Frozen Cells: CoQ10: is known for its work with heart health. It provides oxidation of cholesterol that leads to the blocked arteries. CoQ10 is also an excellent carrier when it is used in skin care product formulation. It transfers the main ingredients to the lower dermis. Essentials Oils: due to their mini-molecular construction, it helps with the penetration of active ingredients. Fresh Frozen Cells: They are the smallest living molecules which can easily work their way into clean pores and to the dermis. Bio Jouvance Paris Natural Peels Bio Jouvance Paris also has developed a line of exfoliating peels EMA CLINICAL for vari- ous skin types. The use of these defoliants will help to eliminate dead cell build up, and will prepare the skin for Bio Jouvance Paris ad- vance treatments and absorption of natural and therapeutical ingredients. It is a fact that every square inch of the skin has about 2000 openings known as pores. Bio Jouvance Paris Natural and nanospheric ingredients are the only ingredients that can penetrate through the small opening of the pores, and make a difference in the skin's general appearance. Utilizing Bio Jouvance Paris organic and ad- vanced skin care products will facilitate the progress skin care by strengthening the epidermis and dermis to fi ght against aging factors, bacte- ria, or skin pigmentation. For more information, please call 800.272.1716 or visit our website at Bio Jouvance: What does the name mean? ADVERTORIAL Bio = Biological • Jouvance = Rejuvenation • Paris = where the products are made

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