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BUILDING BLOCKS 32 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 Although there's no scientifi c evidence showing that UV nail lamps pose a health risk, some women would rather not take any chances when receiving their regular shellac or gel manicure. Enter the YouVeeShield, an elasticized plastic hand cover for manicure and pedicure clients. Renee Albera, YouVeeShield president, came up with the idea for the covers after habitually forgetting to bring her own fi ngerless cotton gloves to gel appointments. "I refused to give up my regular treat, so I joined forces with a team of Silicon Valley engineers," Albera explains. Together, they spent 18 months developing the product. The single-use UV protectors are made of thermoplastic elastomer containing titanium dioxide, an FDA-approved additive that blocks UVA and UVB rays. The shields have six stretchable slits so they can be used on hands or feet of various sizes. More information can be found at FEEL THE GLOVE Her tools: 1. Adapt to your clientele. "It's vital to understand the customer and work around her schedule, not the other way around," says Bailey. "At the resort, we have a lot of guests who are trying to make tee-times, tennis lessons, wine tours and culinary tastings. Our '19th Hole' spa option is modeled after a tapas menu and allows all guests, especially those who aren't regular spa-goers, to experience an abbreviated version of some of our more popular treatments. We can anticipate our customers' schedules, which ensures they don't miss out on the spa experience." 2. Boost your youth appeal. "Spa is essential to good health, and the earlier that spa visits are incorporated into one's lifestyle, the better," adds Bailey. "We recently launched a junior spa menu, designed for our guests ages nine and above. In this sense we're effectively attracting a new, ever-growing client base." 3. Focus locally. "Our resort is in Northern California, one of the lushest parts of the country, and we're always looking for ways to showcase the bounty of the natural world around us," says Bailey. "Our signature treatments are derived from local herbs, plants, minerals and fruits as well as raw honey and grapeseed. The guests absolutely love the local angle, and so does the rest of the wider Bay Area community." Nicole Bailey, spa supervisor, Sense spa at Rosewood CordeValle, San Martin, California PRO TOOLS The pro: NICOLE BAILEY The star: Pevonia C Complexe with Oxyzomes The spa: Centre for Well-Being at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona Why it fl ies off the shelves: "Personally, I don't leave the house without this vitamin C layer on my face," says Karen Timpani, spa retail specialist at The Phoenician. "Vitamin C is the No. 1 one thing all women should be wearing. First, it brightens the skin, so you have the glow that everyone covets. Just as importantly, Pevonia's products protect from free radicals and environmental damage. The C Complexe helps reduce fi ne lines and wrinkles, and it's very hydrating. My clients love the silky texture and how it absorbs really quickly into their skin. But what makes this particular vitamin C special is that the oxyzomes are microspheres that are time released—they're actually being released into your skin throughout the day, so my clients are thrilled that they're getting vitamin C for nearly a full 12 hours." How it's promoted: "I ensure that my estheticians always apply the product at the end of facials but before moisturizer and sunblock. It's also often applied before the fi nal mask," explains Timpani. "Women leave the spa truly glowing because it's such a great brightener. That's why they love it—they have that radiant, hydrated look. Plus, I make sure clients know that it's suitable for all skin types, which also makes it very popular!" KAREN TIMPANI Retail Superstar

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