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46 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 Future in the Balance memberships is that a lot of spas that have them don't know how to sell them. Staff education and membership sales incentives are so important. Can we expect any hiring shifts in terms of age demographics? Freund: Smart spa businesses will maintain a good combination of over-50s and millennials. Both bring great value to a business—the key for seniors is to remain educated experts in their fi eld, and to keep a progressive outlook. King: So many spa owners are focused on hiring young, energetic hands, but to me it's about fi nd- ing people who have service in their DNA, who are sure this is their passion and what they want to do. Many millennials don't want a full-time job—they're happy to work three jobs and live at home while they fi gure out what they do really want (see "Managing Millennials", page 78). We're seeing lots of 40- and 50-something people now, who were always drawn to this career, and who are fi nally making it happen for themselves—hires like that are great fi ts for any spa. Plus, people take very good care of themselves now, so therapists in their late 50s are often in better shape than your partying 25-year-old. Brown: I continue to see spa owners seeking that multidisciplinary kind of person who can do more than one thing, whether that's both massage and esthetics, or taking care of clients and working the front desk. Also, when I started, the average massage therapist was 44, whereas now we're seeing a bigger pool of younger therapist talent. They're coming in right out of high school, having been recruited by big compa- nies like Massage Envy. Soukup: Here's the problem I'm seeing: Spas are hir- ing young people for reception and older people as therapists. I would fl ip this: I'd rather have a dedicated 50-something in the front, because they're more will- ing to sell, better suited to your clientele, generally more professional and likely to stick around for the long haul. Starr: Especially in urban areas, spas are ending up with more part-timers and fewer full-timers. This can actually be a good thing, as it gives owners a larger pool to cover for sick and vacation days—but it also means taking a good look at your recruiting and training methods. To get the most out of this situ- ation, you'll need a rigorous interviewing and hiring protocol, and focused training. Procedures need to be streamlined so new staff members can learn posi- tion duties more quickly. Flexibility is key, especially for millennials. Lyon: Mobile recruiting is on the near-horizon. Mil- lennials are the employees spa owners need to target, and, of course, they're tech-savvy. About 45% of job seekers nowadays use their mobile devices to look for jobs, and spas are notoriously slow when it comes to technological advancement. But millennials aren't interested in working for spas without mobile- optimized websites—those places seem obsolete from the get-go. Spas with sites that have dedicated career pages allowing candidates to fi nd out more about the company and apply online stand the best chance of attracting top talent. There are apps coming out now that let business owners peruse leading job search engines and send questions directly to candidates. This helps employers hire the best fi ts and reduces employee turnover. What changes do you expect on the wellness horizon? Freund: Although technology progresses at light- ning speed, we remain human beings with limited speed—so we need to fi nd new ways to balance our lives. Services and products that promote balance and relaxation will take the lead. Think detox services and pedicures that incorporate targeted massage. Millennials are the employees spa owners need to target, and, of course, they're tech-savvy. © ZERO CREATIVES/GETTY

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