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50 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 Future in the Balance resistance is down, thus weakening our systems. Today's clients under- stand that drugs do not necessarily heal the body, the body heals itself— and that a caregiver's touch can help restore balance and health. Thus, today's consumers seek alternative healing methods. They also want to avoid the rising costs of medical care, and the best and most afford- able insurance plan is to be healthy and well. Therefore, spas would be well advised to offer wellness pro- g r a m s — c o m p re - hensive treatment plans for healing the body, the mind and the spirit. We're seeing lifestyle pro- grams that include cooking classes, fi eld trips to natural food markets and lessons on shopping organi- cally. Detox programs should include nutritional and personal trainer con- sultations. We're also seeing recon- necting couples' services that include communication workshops. Starr: Massages and facials are so last-year! Spas need to fi nd a way to be a more constant participant in the healthful lifestyles of their cli- ents—to be a place where someone can stop in when they need a shot of wellness. Think juices, smooth- ies, healthy pre-packaged snacks, a comprehensive retail selection, guided meditation bars with head- sets, and Wi-Fi-equipped tranquility lounges. Clients all say they want more 'wellness', but they don't necessarily know what this means or how to access it. We need some innovation in this arena. Nelson: Everyone is interested in how to keep themselves well. I think that's why lifestyle programs are garnering such great success. By this I mean centers where people can go and be accepted regardless of their current weight or health level, and talk to someone who really cares about helping them live their lives exactly as they want to. Yes, as the largest organ of the body, skin is critical to health, but overall it's about helping people learn to be re- sponsible for themselves. And right now, spas are leading society toward that end, which is so exciting. Katie O'Reilly is a Wilmington, North Carolina-based writer and editor. • Use FreeInfo #23 Spas need to find a way to be a more constant participant in the healthful lifestyles of their clients. © TONY ROBINS.GETTY

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