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58 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 gentle options "Injectables can be a good tool, but I've seen way too many people look unnatural due to overuse." Spa-level peels can be enormously effective. "I live in Florida, and I swear we have 150% humid- ity every day, but I still see changes in my own skin's hydration as I age," she says. "We could all be living in the Caribbean, and we'd still have hydration issues because our moisture retention as we age just isn't as good as when we're younger." Medical-level treatments for treating fi ne lines and wrinkles include: • Injectables, including fi llers and Botox "Fillers fi ll in hollows and creases, and Botox slows muscle contraction to prevent lines from forming," explains Zangl. "These two procedures are often used togeth- er to eliminate deep furrows and expression lines." The client can enjoy near-immediate visible results, but they're temporary, lasting 3 to 12 months. They can also be abused. "I think injectables can be a good tool," says Shelley Hancock, Shelley Hancock Consulting (, "but I've seen way too many people look unnatural due to overuse." • Fractional lasers By far the most popular form of laser treatment for wrinkles, says DeHaven, "fractional lasers are designed to induce collagen formation by a controlled wounding. The heal- ing process results in more collagen formation in a short time." This form of carbon dioxide laser resurfacing treatment does require less downtime than more traditional forms, but clients can still spend up to two days recovering. • Facial liposuction , the removal of fat from the face to create a smoother texture, is also in de- mand, says Jurist, especially to tighten the neck and contour the face. " Fat transfers are also quite popular now, especially with stem cells trending," he adds. These "stem-cell face lifts" essentially take extra fat from other areas of the body and use it as fi ller. As with any invasive pro- cedure, facial liposuction and fat transfers come with some health and safety risks. Alternative spa treatments for treating fi ne lines and wrinkles include: • Microphototherapy This light and heat energy therapy for skin is essentially a less-intense ver- sion of medical-level IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). "The emission of gentle pulses of light and heat, to create a mild thermal injury beneath the skin's surface, leads to fi broblast production and new collagen formation," explains Hancock. "I've heard from my clients that they believe the results they get from a microphototherapy treatment series are better than those from a se- ries of IPLs," she continues. "Think of it this way: You could go to a gym and work out so hard you can't go back for a month, but it's more benefi cial to not work out so hard and go more often. Mi- crophototherapy results build slowly." • Topicals Injectable fi llers are designed to address deeper areas of loss of resilience and elasticity, but as DeHaven points out, they don't do much for the health of the skin. "That isn't to say that they aren't good or helpful—they're simply purely © FUSE/GETTY

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