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60 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 gentle options mechanical, while esthetic treatments deal with skin health, and will not only improve fi ne lines and wrinkles, but will also improve the texture, general appearance and glow, vitality and me- tabolism of the skin," she explains. "Spas have something to offer with topical treatments that fi llers just can't." DeHaven references topical actives that have been proven by independent studies to increase skin's collagen production, including vitamin C, copper peptides and amino acids like L-arginine. "Some clients in the middle-aged group get very good results through a number of topical treat- ments done over time," she says. "If you really want skin to look beautiful—meaning healthy— esthetics treatments that use excellent topical ingredients are a must." Topical skin care in the spa should be continued in the home to extend results. "There are plenty of anti-aging options, mostly based on daily regi- men systems to yield maximum benefi ts, and to enhance and complement spa modalities," says Jurist. "These include the use of breakthrough antioxidants, peptides, stem cell extracts, advanced forms of retinol and more, in advanced vehicles that can deliver with time-release features." • Microcurrent This tried-and-true, device-driven method for tightening and fi rming employs a low level of electricity that mirrors the body's own electrical currents to boost circulation, encour- age collagen production and rejuvenate facial muscles, effectively tightening tissue and lifting and contouring "trouble spots" on the face such as jawlines, cheekbone areas and even eyelids. A series of treatments helps to "re-educate" the muscles of the face. Ultrasound stimulates collagen production. © VOYAGERIX /GETTY Weight Loss in a box . 1 Sale a Day Equals Over $120,000 A Year Net - Joe Alaimo - Mary Green My spa sells between 50 and 100 of these programs a month, depending on season. All these patients are cash paying clients who then buy our other services-easy cross sell! Best of all people lose so much weight on this program that we have a huge word of mouth business! "We placed our first ad and received 27 calls- booked 16 consults on our FIRST day! Our first month in business we sold about 70 patients with the ads placed and phone scripts. Amazing! The advertising materials are great." NO franchise fees. NO licensing fees. NO seminar fees. NOT MLM. Huge profit. 400%. Staff driven sales. Video tools do 90% of selling for you. Proven weight loss system. Rapid weight loss. Huge word of mouth business. Various marketing materials ready to go. Support for your patients questions. Phone scripts and training provided. *Source: Over 68% of Americans are overweight or obese*. 1.866.950.THIN DISCOVER MORE BY CALLING visit us online @ • Use FreeInfo #28

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