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66 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 gentle options most asked-for treatment at my skincare center," she says. "It clears pigmented lesions and homogenizes skin tone gradually over a series of treatments." • Physical exfoliation methods Physical treatments that exfoliate the skin, although not capable of targeting specifi c areas of hy- perpigmentation, brighten the complexion by the simple act of removing outer, sun-damaged lay- ers. These range from basic scrubs to enzyme-based preparations. For superfi cial pigmentation issues, re- peated topical exfoliation—along with religious sun-protection mea- sures—may be enough. Likewise, microdermabrasion and similar device-driven exfoliation proce- dures may be effective. • Peels Professional esthetic peels and masques using preparations that contain acids can be offered as a one-time service or as part of a treatment series—bundled with a selection of homecare prod- ucts—and are excellent tools to address aging and to kick-start a home regimen. According to DeHaven, the dif- ference between esthetics-level and medical-level peels is a matter of depth. "Even a spa-level peel can be very aggressive," she says. "Generally, estheticians can have at their disposal the same ingredients that physicians do, but there's a difference in the concentration of the ingredients, how long you leave them on the skin and what you combine them with. "Because esthetic-level peels are gentler, you can perform more fre- quent treatments over a longer period of time," DeHaven continues. "That gives you the ability to address other issues at each visit. Plus, we've found that most consumers don't want downtime. They don't want to take 10 days out of their lives to heal. They prefer the lunchtime peel or the one that takes only a day for recovery." The ultimate goal for all anti-aging treatments, regardless of who per- forms them, is for clients to look natu- ral and youthful. The most important thing that spas can offer their clients, says McElroy, is an understanding of the alternatives. "No skincare therapy, be it IPL, peels or topicals, is a per- manent solution in and of itself," she says. "Rather, it's a matter of looking for corrective measures and educating clients on their options and the differ- ence that regular care can make." Amy E. Hamaker is a Canyon Country, California-based freelance writer. • Use FreeInfo #34 Buy Direct & Save! 29(5352'8&76,1&/8',1* VSDGLVSRVDEOHVZD[HVZLSHVWRZHOV JORYHVDSSVWLFNVPDQLSHGLPRUH 3XUFKDVH2Q/LQHDW ZZZVSDUHQLW\FRP RU&DOO7ROO)UHHWRRUGHU 63$ )D[(PDLOVSDUHQLW\#\DKRRFRP /LNHXVRQ

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