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70 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 © GETTY YOUR WELLNESS SPA Healing News Science fi ction novels are fraught with dystopian scenarios in which human-made electronic devices learn to out-smart us—but in some instances, this may not be a bad thing. Case in point is Muse, a new invention by Toronto-based InteraXon, that's capable of "reading" human brains. But it's all for a good cause: stress reduction. The device exists in the form of a headband with built-in sensors that can detect brain waves, specifi cally those emanating from the parts of our brains in charge of speech, critical thought and listening. Why is that useful? "You can listen more carefully to what's going on inside the brain, understand the relationship between brain activity and emotions, and gain more control over your emotional state," explains InteraXon founder and CEO, Ariel Garten. When placed on the ears, Muse provides computer-guided neurofeedback to help "train" the wearer to slow his or her brain waves, just as traditional meditation does. Slower brainwave rhythms encourage the production of endorphins and dopamine, and enable us to better pay attention, learn, remember, empathize and perform. For more information, visit HOMESPUN CURE Anyone who has experienced the sensation of vertigo knows how debilitating it can be. And treating the problem is tricky, partly because the cause isn't always clear. But when the problem is classifi ed as "cervical vertigo"—a condition triggered by head or neck trauma, neck arthritis, neck surgery, inner-ear disorders or Meniere's disease, to name a few—medical researchers in China have concluded that acupuncture plus massage equals vertigo relief. According to a study conducted at the Peoples' Hospital of Linhai City in China's Zhenjiang province and published in the Chinese Journal of Gerontology, 95% of patients suffering from cervical vertigo who were given a 30-minute, neck, shoulder and upper-back massage every other day, plus a 30-minute acupuncture session focused on the neck muscles every day, over a two-week period, experienced a signifi cant reduction in their symptoms. In another group of patients who received massage only, 80% reported relief. The massage-acupuncture combination is particularly effective in increasing oxygen levels in the blood and circulation to the affected area(s), as well as addressing muscle spasm and pain. Sustainable Resource There's no more sweeping issue that the sustainability of our planet and its peoples, which is precisely why we tend to become immobilized by the challenge of addressing it. To help individuals and businesses convert their sincere concern into tangible action, the Sustainable World Coalition (SWC) has just released the fourth edition of Sustainable World Sourcebook, the Coalition's self- published, 164-page guide to community- based action. The solution-focused, full-color volume summarizes current research on the issues we face and ways people and communities are taking meaningful and powerful action. Among the subjects addressed in the Sourcebook: • Environmental issues and their impacts • Energy resources, including new technologies • The global fi nancial crisis, including sustainable businesses • Poverty, health, education and food security • Green lifestyle choices The book also includes a resource directory listing more than 500 organizations related to sustainability. For more information on the SWC and to obtain a copy of the Sourcebook, visit f ll l l "Smart" Headband

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