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82 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP LIABILITY: They're easily bored. Millennials are inherent multitaskers who prefer to en- gage in a variety of activities. This makes sense when you consider that this generation grew up with an un- precedented number of things to see and do. "They don't tolerate boredom," Lyon confi rms. "If you don't provide them with ongoing challenges, you're at a greater risk of staff turnover." Overly simple jobs just aren't going to hold most millennials' attention. To address this issue, Burke Williams has gone so far as to create a role specifi - cally designed for millennials: that of spa coordina- tor. "This role works within management develop- ment, customer service and inside the spa to meet the immediate needs of guests," explains McGrath. "It gives the employee a chance to be hands-on in multiple workplace environments each day." ASSET: They have a youthful outlook. Millennials tend to be full of opinions on how things can be done better. Admittedly, this attitude can be annoying to co-workers, particularly veterans who have the work years under their belts to understand why things are set up as they are. "My experience is that millennials believe that baby boomers are missing the boat a bit these days," says Lyon. "They feel that since their own opinion is much more current, it should overrule the tried-and-true, 'dated' experience." The truth is, a lot of these employees' suggestions provide opportunities to modernize your business. • Use FreeInfo #42 © ALEJANDRO RIVERA/GETTY Readers' Choice Award 2012

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