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84 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP Plus, the more you demonstrate that millennials' suggestions are valu- able, the more committed they'll become to their jobs. After all, as Bruce Schoenberg, owner of Oa- sis Day Spa in New York City—and employer of numerous millennials —points out, "It's the youth that shapes the future of all industries." A bonus for the spa industry is that clientele often skews older, so bringing millennials into the fold is a good way to spread the word about your business to the younger generation. "We count on them to be our marketing team among their peers—that's how you build new customers!" says Schoenberg. He also makes sure to get their input on what kinds of services are likely attract a younger client base. LIABILITY: They're not loyal. Prone to jump from job to job every few years, millennials are often re- garded as disloyal employees. How- ever, this may be less a character fl aw than a sign of the times. The days of working for one employer, or even in one fi eld, for many years at a time are all but over, and have been replaced by a more variable model. "Millen- nials want to experience many dif- ferent career options and don't see themselves as tied to a particular job, industry or region as much as their counterparts from other genera- tions," explains Schoenberg. Even as a millennial herself, Tex- eira acknowledges that some of her youngest employees don't seem to view their spa jobs as the fi rst step toward a permanent career. This isn't to say that younger em- ployers aren't ambitious; it's simply that they're determined to move forward at a pace that's consistent with their lives. In other words, quickly. So, a good way to keep younger employees around longer is to cater to their ambitious side. "They want to know how to get where they are going right now," says Lyon. "I believe it's very impor- tant to let these employees know the potential and pathway to their career growth, regularly and consis- tently. "This way, your young staff members will regard their jobs as more than just stepping stones to their next place of employment— and become the committed em- ployees you want. Kevin Mathews is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. "It's very important to let these employees know the potential and pathway to their career growth, regularly and consistently." • Use FreeInfo #44

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