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90 DAYSPA | NOVEMBER 2014 MARKETING SAVVY centered on how to select a safe shop and avoid the risk of infection. Friedman invited her community by sending a press release to the lo- cal schools, posting in the community events section of The Detroit News, and inviting her existing clients via email. Of the 60 people who attend- ed, Friedman estimates about half were new to the spa. She put out pro- motional materials and offered spe- cials to anyone who attended the talk. "It was very rewarding for us. An event like this makes you a small busi- ness people want to come to and a great local resource to your commu- nity," says Friedman. BRING YOUR OWN PERSONALITY Another approach to playing host is to choose topics that you or your staff are personally interested in, which serves as a way to show your clients who you are beyond the spa. "As a small business owner, we want a close relationship with our clients. Who we are and what we're all about bonds us to the communi- ty," says Julia Lolita Martin-Wrobel, creative director and proprietress of Nitespa ( in Mar Vista, California. "We choose topics that we're interested in and that show different sides of our personality so our clients can get to know us more. I believe the spa lifestyle is many dif- ferent things beyond the obvious." To that end, Nitespa's calendar has included sessions with psychics, art openings, yoga classes and es- sential oils workshops, to name a few. Martin-Wrobel's next event features a nutritional coach who will explain how to curb sugar cravings and offer complimentary, 20-minute one-on-one consultations for at- tendees. "If a guest wants to sign up for a program with the coach, she'll have special deals for them," explains Martin-Wrobel. To lure in clients, Martin-Wrobel uses a mix of her email list, Paperless Post invites and Facebook. Her com- munity events are always free, and she serves complimentary drinks and snacks. To monetize the night, Nitespa offers $15-$25 mini-treat- ments, and Martin-Wrobel is toying with the idea of giving a discounted membership price to anyone who attends her events. "We're known as the 'party spa' since we usually host one bridal or birthday party a week," she says. "It helps that people come in for an educational talk and then down the line, they think of us for their next spa birthday party." Aside from becoming hot go-to destinations for services and cel- ebrations, spa owners who embrace community events fi nd themselves quickly becoming depended upon as a neighborhood resource. "It's funny," muses West-Harri- son, "we do these events so much that our clients consider us an ex- pert on a lot of topics. We'll get calls on weekends from people asking us where to go for German food in town. We've never even done a class on German food, but they just think we know everything!" Carrie Borzillo is a freelance journalist and author in Los Angeles. • Use FreeInfo #49 PHOTO COURTESY NITESPA C H Hale Cosmeceuticals Your Skin Care Company Royal Silhouette Total Serum Stimulates cell regeneration w/ Roe Enzyme Extract Tightens fibroblastins & refines pores w/ L-Carnitine Helps with Inflammation w/ Beta Glucan and Copper For more information: (800) 951-7005 e c e u t i c a l s e Compan y e t io n ti ne p e r f or ma ti on : 1- 70 05 NiteSpa uses its nail area as an event space.

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