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Page 93 of 116 • Use FreeInfo #41 A few years ago, I heard someone say something very simple but oh so profound. "Life is supposed to be fun." I have to believe that we didn't come here to struggle and be unhappy but boy do we spend a lot of our time doing just that. When my husband and I heard that statement we made a pact with each other right then and there—we were going to be happy no matter what was going on around us. Our lives have changed so very much since we made that pact. I'm not saying that it was always easy, it was defi nitely something that we had to work on. I think as humans we are unfortunately a bit hard-wired toward the negative. But we stayed focused and things started to change. We believe in the 'law of attraction' which simply means—like things are attracted to each other. So, if I'm grumpy, I'm gonna get more things to be grumpy about. If I'm scared about money, I'll get more money issues to be scared about. If I'm doubtful, worried, angry, bitter, I will get more things to be doubtful, worried, angry and bitter about. But…the really cool part is that it also works the other way. When I'm happy, thankful, excited, loving, playful, positive, confi dent, I will get more of that in my life. One of the common emotions that I hear when working with my fellow estheticians is "doubt." They doubt that the clients will show up. They doubt that those clients will return, they doubt that a piece of equipment they want to purchase will bring in money. So much doubt whirling around—no wonder business isn't going well for some people. This is a great statement and something to always keep in mind "Doubt is something that I do not entertain while attempting a project, because I believe nothing is impossible" I got to thinking about how I feel when I am about to introduce a new piece of equipment to my clients. Doubt about my success never even enters my mind…I am so excited about what I'm introducing (almost a childlike excitement!), that failure is literally not in my vocabulary. I have always made my investments back immediately…the Radiancy FSD was in 5 days, my oxygen machine was in one day!!! Was that because I am an awesome esthetician that knows everything there is to know about skin care? NO, it's because I am so focused on success that failure does not even enter my thought process one little teeny tiny bit. Try it, you'll be amazed at how your life begins to change! Life is supposed to be fun! U LT R A S O N I C S PAT U L A C L E A R T O U C H L I T E F O R A C N E C L E A R A N C E C O O L I N G M A C H I N E

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