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henever an esthetician asks me what my biggest skin concerns are, my fi rst reaction is to quip, "How long have you got?"— followed by a more sober, "Crow's feet and large pores." The truth is, everyone has skin imperfections, whether they're a fortysomething dealing with increasing signs of aging or a twentysomething plagued by rampant acne. Well-meaning phrases we hear every day don't necessarily do the trick. "Beauty's only skin deep" is a classic that springs to mind. "Love the skin you're in" is another. Not that these messages aren't laudable, but for most of the tens of millions of women around the world dealing with skin concerns, the issue's not that simple. We repeatedly—and rightly—tell ourselves that it's what's inside that counts, but when that pesky frown furrow just won't quit or three more pimples have sprouted overnight, it's not easy to go out and face the world. The two most common chronic skin conditions seen in treatment rooms around the country are acne and rosacea. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a staggering 50 million Americans are affected by acne, and the National Rosacea Society reports that 16 million Americans are affl icted by rosacea. Acne has a list of known causes as long as your arm; rosacea has none, which is why research into these and other problematic skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, is ongoing and imperative. Although it's not your duty to don a lab coat and glasses—unless that's your day job, of course—it is your duty as a skincare pro to educate yourself and your clients as best you can. Listen to them and let them know you're doing your best to make their skin beautiful. Because even if you don't have a PhD after your name, you most certainly do have some tricks up your sleeves. As you fl ip through DAYSPA's annual Skin Science issue, we hope you'll fi nd many more tricks. "Clear Skin Ahead" (page 32) lays out nine step-by-step facial protocols that target acne and rosacea. "The State of Serums" (page 48) brings you the latest developments regarding these wee wunderkinds, and this month's Spotlight focuses on acid-based exfoliation (page 40). And, proving that skincare researchers are exploring all avenues, Herbal Health (page 60) showcases acai, a South American superfruit that's making waves in the spa world (it's not just for smoothies, don't you know?). After all, who can say where the next big industry breakthrough will come from? It's a Skin Thing EDITOR'S PAGE 14 DAYSPA | AUGUST 2016 Scientifi c research promises future breakthroughs for chronic skin issues, but there's plenty to be achieved in the spa setting too. Lesley McCave Executive Editor "Everyone has skin imperfections, whether they're a fortysomething dealing with signs of aging or a twentysomething plagued by rampant acne." P.S. DAYSPA is celebrating 20 years in the business. Keep an eye out for our anniversary issue in September!

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