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34 DAYSPA | AUGUST 2016 Clear Skin AHEAD S a v i n g F a c e F a c i a l / P e e l Saving a ce a cia l/Peel (105 min./$125) THE SPA: Hattiesburg Clinic Dermatology— South, Hattiesburg, MS THE BRAND: DermAware THE STEP-BY-STEP: 1 Remove makeup using Make-Up Remover. 2 Cleanse and tone skin with Deep and Clear Cleanser and Oil Balance Toner, or Saving Face Cleanser and Delicate Balance Toner. 3 Apply Cellzyme Digesting Enzyme Peel and Bare Fruit Enzyme. Massage into the skin for several minutes. 4 Remove with a warm cloth. If including a chemical peel or treating rosacea, Saving Face Rosacea products can be added here. 5 Neutralize skin with DermAware pH Neutralizer. 6 After cleansing with Pure and Gentle Cleanser, rosacea clients should receive an application of VITal K Microgel, VITal A Microgel, VITal Retinol Gel and A+Smart Serum. For acneic skin, apply VITal B Hydrogel and VITal C Cream. 7 Finish with Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer Oil-Free and Screenplay sunscreen. PRO TIP: Opt for effi cacious ingredients. Rosacea can be challenging to deal with because there are no known cures, points out Teresa Rahaim, an esthetician at Hattiesburg Clinic. It's best to evaluate each client on a case-by-case basis so that targeted adjustments can be made. Rahaim, for instance, uses the Saving Face Rosacea Cleanser and Peel on her rosacea-prone patients. "The azelaic acid in this cleanser is so effective," she says, and notes that it's ideal for clients whose complexions are dry from the use of prescription medications. "In general, I love that DermAware is science-driven and that the brand offers ongoing education and support," she concludes. R e d - O u t F a c i a l Red- a cia l (75 min./$100) THE SPA: Oasis Day Spa, South Weymouth, MA THE BRAND: Repêchage THE STEP-BY-STEP: 1 Cleanse with Hydra 4 Red-Out Calming Cleanser. 2 Tone with Hydra 4 Tonic. 3 Apply Hydra 4 Red-Out Serum with light effl eurage massage and the Silver Ball Massager. 4 Combine Phyto Marine Healing and Soothing Formula with Phyto Marine Gel Activator, mixing well, then add Phyto Marine Actives Anti-Oxidant and Soothing Formula. Let sit for 10-15 minutes. 5 Apply Hydra 4 Day Protection Cream. PRO TIP: Play up the triple threat. This facial utilizes three powerhouse ingredients: UV-inhibiting quercetin, which reduces infl ammatory response; organic turmeric, a natural anti-infl ammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant; and micro-silver, which can lower infl ammation by reducing bacteria. "Guests are amazed by the instant reduction in visible swelling‚" says Julie Mahoney, president of Oasis Day Spa. "Clients with chronic skin infl ammation typically prefer a holistic solution; in fact, the most effective results we've seen when treating rosacea come straight from nature!" R S 2 R o s a c e a F a c i a l RS2 R sa ce a cia l (75 min./$140) THE SPA: Forest Spa Boutique, Palo Alto, CA THE BRAND: Pevonia THE STEP-BY-STEP: 1 Use Pevonia's Eye Makeup Remover to cleanse the eye area. 2 Gently exfoliate, making sure to avoid areas with broken capillaries. 3 Perform extractions. 4 Cleanse with Phyto-Gel. 5 Massage Soothing Propolis or RS2 Concentrate into skin. For moderate and severe rosacea cases, use cooled beauty globes to help product penetrate and reduce redness. 6 Apply Evolutive Eye Cream and Plantomer Face Mask, and let sit for 10-12 minutes. 7 Perform an aromatherapy stress-relief massage on hands, arms and décolleté. 8 Apply remaining mixed RS2 Concentrate, followed by RS2 Moisturizer, eye cream and SPF. PRO TIP: Assess accurately. Bianca de Jong, owner of Forest Spa Boutique, reports that rosacea is often mistaken for acne—even by professionals—and that a proper medical diagnosis is necessary before estheticians can treat either condition properly. "Listen to what your client says and ask what their biggest concerns are," she advises. "As part of our services, we offer a treatment plan that includes observations from both the client and the esthetician, and is explicit about expectations and results." © GETTY IMAGES

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