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76 DAYSPA | AUGUST 2016 PROFIT CENTER DO YOUR RESEARCH Not every spa can (or should) host retreats, so you need to decide if it's right for your business. According to Komaiko, you should fi rst assess whether you have everything required. Start by asking yourself the fol- lowing key questions: • Do you have enough space—how many people can you easily accommodate? • Is there an area that can serve as a meeting room if attendees want to work on site? • Does your spa serve food or can you partner with a nearby restaurant? • Do you have ample therapists and service providers? • Do you have a staff member who can organize these types of events? If you decide to take the plunge, realize that busi- nesses won't necessarily come to you; you need to seek them out and sell them on your spa. As Komaiko points out, when a company considers any kind of off- site meeting, a spa probably won't be the fi rst venue that comes to mind. She suggests offering your services to small busi- nesses initially to test the waters. But don't approach them blindly; do your homework fi rst. "Read your local papers and community websites to fi nd out what companies in your neighborhood are doing and then determine what they need that you can supply," she advises. "Give them reasons why a trip to your spa would benefi t their staff." For example, you've just read in the local business journal that a fi lm production company recently fi n- ished a project in your town. You could make contact with someone there, and suggest this might be a prime time to reward their staff for a job well done by bringing them all to the spa—your spa—together. Once you've landed this type of business, your work has only just begun. "When you identify the right com- panies, forge relationships with its key members," adds Komaiko. "And, it goes without saying, when you get them on board, give them the best service possible." TAILOR YOUR SERVICES Lamar began offering spa escapes to corporate groups in 2004. In addition to all-day use of the steam, sauna, pool and whirlpool, attendees are given a choice of a massage, facial or mani/pedi, plus the option of add- ons like yoga classes and aromatherapy workshops. Above: A business group at Spa Lamar; Below: Yoga classes can also be part of corporate retreats. TOP: PHOTO COURTESY SPA LAMAR; BOTTOM: © GETTY IMAGES

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