AUG 2016

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Page 85 of 100 | AUGUST 2016 83 Eye on Europe Although developments in Asia and other key points around the globe are increasingly infl uencing the trajectory of spa, beauty and wellness trends, experts are also continuing to pay close attention to Europe. "Europe pioneered the holistic wellness concept… and is the largest spa, wellness tourism and beauty market in the world," reported Susie Ellis, 2016 Global Wellness Summit (GWS) co-chair and board member, at a Spa Life International conference in Germany earlier this year. Recently, the GWS conferred with leading European economists and researchers, as well as the CEOs of top travel, spa and beauty companies, to weigh in on the direction of wellness across the continent. The result was a list of 10 predictions, from the future taxing of "unhealthy" food and beverages to a potential explosion of wellness properties in Eastern Europe. Ellis also spoke about the prediction that language itself will need to evolve to provide a clearer distinction between the terms "wellness," "well-being" and "happiness." "There has been a confusion, or even a supplanting, of the concept [of 'wellness'] by the terms 'well-being' and 'happiness,'" Ellis noted, pointing to recent research projects that measure "happiness" and "well-being" by gauging topics like levels of social support, income and trust in government. Such projects have shown that measure of happiness isn't necessarily an accurate indicator of health, and it's predicted that "wellness" will become more closely associated with health and prevention, and "well-being" with happiness. The next GWS will take place in Tyrol, Austria, from October 17 to 19. For more information, visit globalwellness © GETTY IMAGES 1 - 9 1 6 - 9 3 9 - 9 8 8 8 1 - 8 0 0 - 4 7 6 - 0 2 2 6 t o l l f r e e w w w . i l l u m i n a r e c o s m e t i c s . c o m With our 3 creamy mineral foundations each with soothing zinc oxide, SPF 20, superior coverage and a natural looking finish Whatever you need, we've got you covered Royal Silhouette Total Serum •Leave on Enzyme Serum •Stimulates Cell Regeneration w/ Roe Enzyme Extract •Tightens Fibroblastins & Refines Pores w/ L-Carnitine •Helps Inflammation w/ Beta Glucan & Copper R • Lea • S ti m w / • Ti gh Re f • Hel w / For more information call (800) 951-7005 C H

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