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[ 76 ] • DAYSPA • april 2017 And it's more than just pain. Continual pressure can put strain on the muscles, tendons and joints. Over time, this can lead to bad posture, as the individual walks in an unnatural way to compensate for foot discomfort. The resulting poor gait can also cause back pain and loss of balance. One obvious solution is to try to stay off one's feet, but a packed workload makes this impossible for many spa workers, at least in the long term. Check out some more practical tips to help you keep your feet in tip-top condition for the duration of your career on page 77. What's Afoot? The human foot contains 26 bones and 33 joints (20 of which are actively articulated) and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Common problems associated with the feet and ankles include: plantar fasciitis (infl ammation of tissue that runs along the heel and supports the arch), heel spurs (bony protrusions under the heel), tendonitis (pain and tenderness in the tendons), bunions (painful hard lumps), warts, corns and calluses (patches of thickened skin), fl at feet, pronation and neuroma (the result of a pinched nerve between the toes). "I've had plantar fasciitis come and go—and when I get it, it's hard to walk," says Scott. "I've also experienced tendonitis; I think both of them stem from the combination of running on concrete then coming to work and spending a lot of time sitting, then standing, then running around for long periods of time." Scott reports that sitting for longer periods has only aggravated her condition. She has also tried over-the-counter medications, which helped relieve the pain temporarily, as well as stretches that a trainer friend showed her, which helped when performed regularly. work fl ow © GETTY IMAGES

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