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Page 79 of 100 • april 2017 • [ 77 ] © GETTY IMAGES IF THE SHOE FITS The right footwear plays a major role in foot health. Here are some simple rules when selecting shoes: Avoid pointed and/or high-heeled shoes if you frequently stand for long periods of time. Think comfort over style. Choose shoes that provide good arch support. Avoid thick, stiff shoes that restrict foot fl exibility. "Pain from corns, calluses and bunions can be somewhat alleviated by wearing supportive, more comfortable footwear. Non-supportive shoes, or ones that are too tight, are typical culprits," points out personal fi tness trainer Kyla Jenkins. Make sure your shoes fi t properly and have enough room in the toe box. "If you're experiencing pain, wear softer, wider shoes until the pain disappears, then switch to a new pair with a larger toe box," suggests podiatrist Angela Borish. Trim your toenails regularly. You'll not only reduce trauma and create extra room in your shoes, you'll also reduce the risk of nail breakage, which can provide a port of entry for a fungus like athlete's foot, or viruses such as warts. Always wear high quality, moisture absorbent socks. Keep feet cool and dry. Invest in a foot powder and foot lotion from a reputable brand.

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