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[ 32 ] • # dayspamagazine • june 2017 © GETTY IMAGES Scars and Stretch Marks Experts weigh in on how to approach these troublesome skin imperfections. spotlight by Laura Waldon At M'lis, we believe that all external skin conditions begin from within and that prevention is the best solution for stretch marks. The skin replenishes itself continuously; in adults, skin's structure is renewed about every 28 days. To prevent stretch marks, it needs to be kept hydrated, both internally by drinking enough water and externally with moisturizing treatments. So, we teach a healthy skin program that helps the body produce beautiful skin through nutritional support: eliminating sugar and white fl our products; reducing gluten-heavy foods; drinking half one's body weight in water; and ingesting enough vitamins, minerals and amino acids daily. In addition, topical treatments that moisturize, hydrate, nourish, soften and condition assist in skin cell renewal. — LINDA T. NELSON, RND, PhD , CEO, M'lis " " e vent ht m ins, ddition To best address stretch marks, opt for products with ingredients that encourage skin regeneration and those that aid in increasing skin density for a smoother appearance; be sure to clearly explain the benefi ts and results to clients. They should undertake some lifestyle changes as well, such as minimizing rapid weight gain and loss (yo-yo dieting), exercising, and applying moisturizers and regenerative skin care to diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Another way to mask these issues is to use a small amount of a gradual self-tanner over the entire body. — ELIZABETH MURCHISON , director of education, Guinot " "

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