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Page 35 of 100 • june 2017 • [ 33 ] M'lis Repair Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream apothederm.c om Guinot Renewing Stretch Mark Body Cream G.M. Collin Body Firming Cream SCAR AND STRETCH MARK PRODUCTS © GETTY IMAGES Onyx Medical O 2 4 U Nature Pure Labs Revitalizing Fruit Complex Bioslimming Active Slim Cream In order to market services to clients who may be embarrassed about their scars or stretch marks, it's important to humanize these conditions. Stretch marks are very common and can result from puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight gain and even bodybuilding. Spa pros can help clients by approaching scars and stretch marks using a holistic combination of spa treatments and at-home products to help accelerate and improve their outcomes. For clients with acne, reinforce a no-touching, no-picking mantra to help avoid scarring, and combine that with an effective acne treatment product. Clients with stretch marks should maintain a healthy balance of diet and exercise to manage their weight. — ROBIN CARMICHAEL , COO and president, Helix BioMedix Inc. " " We generally recommend a series of peels—a salicylic peel, glycolic peel and modifi ed Jessner peel—over a six-week period. The peels stimulate cell turnover and renewal, which levels the scars and stretch marks, and makes skin appear smoother, brighter and more even toned. In some situations, both scars and stretch marks can be prevented. For example, an acne client who is constantly squeezing and picking at their skin can develop scars; salicylic acid as well as AHAs can help prevent scarring by resurfacing the skin. With stretch marks, the risk of developing them is reduced when the skin is well hydrated and the elasticity preserved. There are tactful, nonjudgmental ways to discuss these services with clients. So, if I were to notice acne scars, I would suggest a chemical peel and base it on the season—a mini-treatment for spring that would eliminate winter buildup, and refresh and brighten their skin in time for summer. If the guest is self-conscious, you can always address it in a roundabout fashion until that time when they're totally comfortable. Once a client has developed that trust, they will discuss everything! — KAREN ASQUITH , national director of education, G.M. Collin u v erything! I T H , " "

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