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R u s s e l l ' s S a l o n & D a y S p a S o u l S i s t e r s S p a [ 44 ] • # dayspamagazine • june 2017 wrap report Russell 's Salon & Day Spa in Salem, Oregon Star Treatment: Aloe Vera Body Wrap (60 min./$75) The Selling Point: According to Tara Blake, esthetician and product manager, the benefi ts of this wrap (which uses products by Set-N-Me-Free) are two-fold. "For some clients, this service is a solution for extra weight, but others say it's great for clearing toxins as well," she says. Either way, the eff ective blend of aloe and detoxifying herbs (in which the guests are enveloped) can't be denied. "In some cases, I've seen up to 3 or 4 inches lost on the body," Blake explains. "Typically, it's about a quarter or half of an inch, which is still remarkable." Fruitful Marketing: To cater to loyal spa-goers looking to slim down for summer, the spa promotes this service heavily. "Usually, we'll off er a seasonal package of three at a discounted price," explains Blake. To convert newbies to the treatment, the spa also off ers a "Try Me" promotion to fi rst-time guests. Fabulous Feedback: Blake says the body wrap has been a staple on the spa's menu for nearly 20 years—and with good reason. While cocooned in the detoxifying solution, guests receive luxurious add-ons like mini-facials and/or hand and foot massages. "Clients say they feel so rested afterward—many have reported feeling more energized the following day," says Blake. Soul Sisters Spa in Pleasanton, California Star Treatment: M'lis Contour Body Wrap (60 min./$95) The Selling Point: Clients are cocooned in a solution designed for lymphatic cleansing, and, according to owner Kristine Cousins, it delivers like a dream. "This wrap is great because it off ers longer-lasting results," says Cousins. "Foundation layers are applied over the contour cream. Then, we wrap the client very fi rmly, angling the position of the wrap to help encourage lymphatic fl ow and clear out stored toxins and trapped fl uid. Unlike some other wraps, this is not about sweating." Fruitful Marketing: "We market this treatment by posting pictures of our clients' results on Facebook, along with real testimonials," says Cousins. "With the outcomes it achieves, word of mouth spreads quickly—client referral has always been our most successful way of marketing." Fabulous Feedback: In addition to long-lasting results, clients love the comfy, wrapped-up sensation. "Guests say they feel like a baby being swaddled," she explains. "Afterward, they feel lighter and smoother in areas that once seemed heavy." u © GETTY IMAGES

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