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Page 86 of 100 [ 84 ] • # dayspamagazine • june 2017 profi t center From there, it's all about knowing which guests will be most eager to reap those rewards. For Cipriani, meditation was simply a natural adjunct to the spa's yoga classes, as well as something she could see that her clients needed. "We wanted people to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life," she explains. "Meditation shuts down the chaos in your mind and allows people to experience the spa the way we want them to." Although off ering meditation was part of the original plan when the spa opened a decade ago, Cipriani says they had to wait two years for the right space to become available. Now, meditation is off ered in at least four yoga classes a day, including a sound healing workshop that uses crystal bowls. For Pryor, it was also about realizing how much guests were already getting from other mind-body therapies at the spa, and wanting to expand on that. "We explained to them that, just as most were coming to our spa to relieve stress with massage, meditation could help calm and quiet the mind when practiced for a short time each day on a regular basis," he says. When all the pieces fall into place, chances are your clients will respond positively—and so will your cash fl ow. "Meditation services bring more revenue, especially when skillfully added to help compensate during slower hours," notes Pryor. "They also entice a clientele who obviously appreciates stress reduction and the healthy benefi ts of relaxation—a very lucrative group to attract to your spa." u © GETTY IMAGES Aloe & Herb Body Wrap Solution Detoxifying Body Wraps for Professional Salons & Spas 503-666-9661 n s s 666 9 6 6 1

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