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[ 96 ] • # dayspamagazine • june 2017 1 7 Chad Law VP, Sales & Marketing, JOIFUL What's the best career advice you've ever received? Take a step back, look at your competition, then go in the opposite direction. Every time I've done that it has been hugely successful. You can't disrupt the industry if you're just a copy of someone else's idea. Who is your mentor? My business partner—and JOIFUL's CEO and founder—Hisham Koshak. I've learned more from him in the last year than in my entire career up to that point, from various standpoints, including cultural and fi nancial. How can spa owners use JOIFUL to their advantage? For spa and salon owners, the No. 1 expense is payroll. We off er a direct way for their employees to make money during their gaps and off times, so owners are not paying them for not working. Also, our target is customers who have forgone their beauty and wellness routines for lack of time and convenience. Our ultimate goal is to expand the market overall and benefi t the spa industry as a whole by driving more people to spas. Describe your management style. Direct, decisive and collaborative. Everyone knows where they stand with me. I have two rules. The fi rst is, 'Fail, forward, fast.' As long as you're moving forward, I don't care if what you're doing fails. Just pick yourself up again and try something else. The second is, 'Stand loud and proud.' I'll never reprimand someone for trying to sell me on their idea. If you believe in something, do whatever you need to do to convince me and the leadership why it's crucial to our business. How do you like to spend your downtime? I'm an avid golfer, but my two main hobbies are eating and drinking. I'm a wine connoisseur and a total foodie: I love to try new restaurants and new dishes. I also see my therapist three times per week, which is both necessary and relaxing. Which social causes do you support? First, I'm a huge advocate for children with special needs, so I actively support The Rythmic Arts Program (TRAP) based in my home town of Santa Barbara, California. It teaches social cues, reading, writing and arithmetic through music, with incredible results. The second is an animal cause. There's an epidemic in the dog show world: In many cases, once a dog wins a competition, the shower doesn't want it anymore. So I help by placing former show dogs in loving homes. Third, I'm creating the JOIFUL Life Foundation, a charity that focuses on getting people with depression the treatment they need. We're hoping to launch it in January 2018. How do you manage to strike a work-life balance? I don't believe in it. To me it implies that working is not living. I'm in love with what I do, and all my energy, creativity and life are pulled from my job—I don't need an escape. If you work really hard with intense focus, and give 100 percent of your blood, sweat and tears, the benefi ts, success and life you want will follow. u I F U L one on one industry leader Q&A Winning the Herding Group at the San Fernando Kennel Club competition, 2016 At the Briard National Show, 2016 Chad with (left to right): brother Taylor, dad Craig, mom Jackie and partner Trey M O R E O N T H E W E B E RAPID RESPONSE: A Favorite TV show? I love "The Golden Girls" and watch the reruns every night! I grew up with those ladies— they're my role models. They really pushed the limits of the time, bringing things like homosexuality, IVF and HIV to the table. No one else was talking about those issues then. A What's the JOIFUL elevator pitch? JOIFUL is an on-demand beauty and wellness app that delivers luxury spa and salon quality services to the savviest of clients within 60 minutes, wherever they are, at an aff ordable price. A Favorite food? Everything! But my down and dirty favorite is old-school, Southern, greasy barbecue— ribs, tri-tip, brisket, beans, corn— the works! A What's on your bucket list? Making the cover of Forbes Magazine! @joifulapp @JOIFUL Picture it: Miami, 1987

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