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Page 19 of 84 • august 2017 • [ 17 ] B Kamins C-Resveratrol Serum Why it's a skincare all-star: The antiaging sector of the beauty industry is where resveratrol shows up most often. "Resveratrol is a wonder ingredient for anyone who wants to look younger," says Delia McLinden, vice president of sales and business development for FarmHouse Fresh. This has to do with the free radicals—formed as a result of age and exposure to UV light and pollution—that cause wrinkles, sagging and discoloration. "Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that neutralizes damaging free radicals," explains Carlos Wolf, MD, board- certifi ed plastic surgeon and owner of the Miami Plastic Surgery and MPS MedSpa. It's even more powerful than some other antioxidants, adds Dr. Farris. "We call it a 'dual antioxidant' because it neutralizes free radicals and boosts cellular antioxidant defenses as well," she notes. Because of its ability to protect and fortify the skin, resveratrol also enhances collagen production and elasticity, helping to reverse signs of aging. One study led by Dr. Farris and published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (December 2014) found that a proprietary serum containing resveratrol, vitamin E and the fl avonoid antioxidant baicalin delivered a signifi cant improvement in fi ne lines and wrinkles, fi rmness and elasticity, collagen production and hyperpigmentation. Beyond its youth-boosting appeal, resveratrol appears to be a promising treatment for acne. In a Dermatology and Therapy study (December 2014), University of California researchers reported that a gel containing resveratrol inhibited acne growth more eff ectively than benzoyl peroxide, and that it boosted the antibacterial eff ects of benzoyl peroxide when the two were combined. The authors pointed to resveratrol's anti- infl ammatory, antibacterial and anti-androgenic (male hormone-blocking) properties, and noted that resveratrol is more desirable than some traditional acne treatments, because it doesn't appear to cause irritation or come with other undesirable side eff ects. In the treatment room: Dr. Wolf says resveratrol's healing powers make it an ideal complement to a range of treatments off ered at his Miami medspa. Specifi cally, he relies on SkinCeuticals' Resveratrol B E antioxidant serum—the same formula used in the aforementioned Journal of Drugs in Dermatology study. "I often start patients on a skincare regimen prior to their facelift procedures," he says. "I explain that excess skin and wrinkles can be helped with surgery, but they also need to use solid skincare products for the best results." He recommends the serum to his non-surgery patients as an additional step in their nighttime routines as well. "Used regularly, clients will see fast results, including fi rmer, smoother, more lifted skin," he notes. Regine Berthelot, director of spa education at the Caudalie Spa in New York City, says the Resveratrol Lift Facial (50 min./$235 and 80 min./$325) serves as a perfect alternative to injectables, as it's designed to boost collagen and elastin, drain toxins and re-oxygenate the skin's tissues. "The treatment includes a deep cleanse, a lifting manual massage that utilizes the French palper rouler technique, a thermic mask to fi rm and plump, and an oxygen treatment that infuses resveratrol deep into the skin," she explains. "I recommend this service to anyone who wants to give their skin a supple boost or feels their skin lacks tone." u SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E Nature Pure Labs Stem Cells Face Complex HydroPeptide LumaPro-C Éminence Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Soft Cream iS CLINICAL Copper Firming Mist RESVERATROL PRODUCTS © GETTY IMAGES A Resveratrol was discovered by researchers in the 1940s, but the fi rst studies showing its benefi cial eff ects on human health didn't occur until 1992. A Researchers think that resveratrol, when applied topically, could be useful as an adjuvant therapy for the management of skin cancer. QUICK FACTS

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