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T h e B u r n i n g T r u t h • august 2018 • [ 19 ] The Burning Truth In its benefi cial form, infl ammation is the body's attempt to heal wounds and repel bacteria. When you fall and cut your knee, or undergo a chemical peel that causes your skin to become temporarily infl amed, that's acute infl ammation. "Acute activities can also go awry, in which case the body tells the face to become infl amed—to the client's discomfort and detriment," notes Charlene De Haven, MD, clinical director of Innovative Skincare. Chronic infl ammation happens over an extensive period of time, and may or may not be visible. "It occurs in all disease processes, as well as the aging process," says Dr. DeHaven, adding that wrinkles are often scars that re sult from ongoing, sun-induced infl ammation. "'Infl ammaging' is the term that's emerged," she says. New York City-based dermatologist Doris Day, MD, agrees: "We're learning that infl ammation is one of the most powerful stressors that accelerates the aging process, and that by controlling it, we can reverse some of the signs." After all, chronic infl ammation tends to result from dehydration and sustained exposure to free radicals. "Our skin experiences about 85 percent of its free radical damage from solar rays," says Dr. De Haven. "Smoking also causes a lot of free radical damage and ongoing infl ammation; it ages the skin and all other organs, too." Some other reasons chronic inflammation manifests in the dermis? "Skin is a refl ection of internal health—it indicates how an infl ammatory condition is aff ecting you," explains Dr. Day. "It shows when you're not getting enough sleep, when you're suff ering from poor nutrition—or consuming too much sugar, alcohol, carbs or caff eine—and when you're dehydrated." The longer this goes on, the more serious the consequences will be. "Chronic inflammation leads to unhealthy skin mutations, impaired skin function and immunity, and a worn extracellular matrix," warns Tomasso. "It can cause permanent skin damage, including redness and advanced aging." "Infl ammation is one of the most powerful stressors that accelerates the aging process."

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