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I n s p i r a t i o n P o i n t M i l e s t o n e M o m e n t [ 50 ] • # dayspamagazine • august 2018 behind the brand inspirational success story ISUN Bunnie Gulick, Founder and CEO sponsored My career in the wellness industry began in the 1970s, when I was a practicing clinical nutritionist, educator and health supplement formulator. In the early 1980s, I was working as an educator and product developer in Italy, where I created a line of supplements based on antiaging and antioxidants. That company also wanted me to work on a skincare line that complemented the nutraceuticals. My research into skin rejuvenation led to my formulating one of the very fi rst botanical skincare products based on antioxidants—ingredients not well known in the beauty industry at the time. This exciting and rapidly growing fi eld of natural skin care piqued my interest and enthusiasm to further my education in botanical cosmetic formulation. From that point, I developed and ultimately manufactured many wonderful lines for other companies. With the expanding studies of plants and their amazing benefi ts for skin becoming more available, and the eventual movement toward organic ingredients, each brand I created was better than the one before, and my excitement grew exponentially! spirati n int Around age 58, after years of study, experience and success in the wellness and beauty industries, I felt something intense pulling at my heart, compelling me to meld all of this with my inner calling, which is to help uplift people in a deeper way. Inspiring and helping others, and teaching them about our connection to all living things— through the light that exists within us as well as the plants in our products—became my passion. I realized this could only manifest if I held true to my vision and created my own brand and unique outreach. So, I refi nanced my home for starting capital, and ISUN was born. It was clear that this brand could serve to not only give undeniable youthful radiance to skin, but with its alchemical formulation—which involves living plant life, advanced energy techniques and the power of intention— ISUN skincare products would also support the body, mind and spirit overall. (There's more information about this concept at Milest n e ment ildcrafted, organic skincare line ISUN was launched in 2006 with the ultimate goal of supporting the skin, body, well-being and planet. Founder and CEO Bunnie Gulick, whose background was in clinical nutrition and antiaging supplements, was inspired to create her own brand after producing botanically based products for other parties and witnessing the green beauty movement's monumental growth. Combining her botanical chemistry roots with her passion for helping others, she created ISUN—a line of handcrafted products formulated with nutrient- rich, pure plant ingredients, which are cold- processed and enhanced with positive energy and benefi cial intentions. Here, Gulick discusses everything ISUN, from her personal journey to the company's mission and outlook. TOP RIGHT: © GETTY IMAGES

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