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P o w e r f u l P u r p o s e I n g r e d i e n t I n t e g r i t y O n t h e H o r i z o n H e r o P r o d u c t • august 2018 • [ 51 ] I see ISUN as a living and ageless entity, brimming over with life-force energy and inspired by the light that exists within each of us and all of nature. Made of plant life, our products harmonize with the skin and whole being, and subtly demonstrate that we are all connected. In turn, this invokes feelings of love, gratitude and inner peace that ripple outward. So, if the simple act of using ISUN skin care sparks an uplifted sense of well-being, that awareness can expand in a gentle way to positively infl uence that person's life. Even a small change within individuals can collectively cause a profound change in the world. This is the vision we hold for all who experience the dynamic life-force, subtle healing energy and intention in our products—the heart and soul of ISUN. werful Pu rp se The process of developing and formulating a product begins by determining its desired therapeutic benefi ts. Then, I research what plants or other specifi c nutrients successfully align with those benefi ts. I narrow the choices down to the most eff ective plants, as well as which ones best complement one another—because synergized harmony of powerful, living ingredients creates the highest performance products. When sourcing ingredients, I fi rst look for plants grown in their natural environments without any human intervention, and they must be sustainably harvested. Wildcrafted plants have the highest nutrient levels and hold the most light energy. We also source organic and some naturally derived ingredients from integrity suppliers. gredient tegrity ISUN will continue to grow—we're expanding our presence globally, uplifting more and more people with our deeper intentions, educational outreach and transformational products that inspire inner and outer radiance, an open heart and uplifted spirit. u the ri n This year, ISUN competed in the Beauty Shortlist Awards in the U.K. against more than 600 international companies, and we won Best Organic Brand as well as 10 additional category wins—needless to say, we have several top products! But the most popular is our award-winning Phyto-Infusion Facial Serum. It's loaded with a powerhouse blend of vegan stem cells, peptides, antioxidants, age- defying polyphenols, nutrient-rich oils and aromatic essential oils. People love its antiaging performance; its smooth, soothing and moisturizing feel; the glow it gives their skin; and its lovely sandalwood, jasmine and lavender scent. Her Pr du ct

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