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[ 52 ] • # dayspamagazine • august 2018 back to basics by AJ Jenkins 7 Tips for Landing the Job PREPARE A CONCISE AND RELEVANT RESUME Keep it to one page. Spa owners have a full workload in addition to hiring staff , so short and sweet is key. Emphasize points that might be of interest to them, for example if you know how to perform a specifi c service they're seeking. It never hurts to print your resume on beautiful- quality paper—and for goodness' sake, spell-check it before sending! 1 The owner and lead esthetician at Celebrity Skin Studio in Litchfi eld Park, Arizona, offers a fi rst-person perspective on the interview process. © GETTY IMAGES TARDINESS, POOR CELL PHONE ETIQUETTE AND WAY TOO MUCH COLOGNE… That might sound like a bad date, but I've actually been subjected to all of those things (and more!) while hosting job interviews. As a small-business owner, I work in the treatment room and handle all of the administrative tasks. So when I block off time for an interview, I expect it to be worthwhile. I've received text messages from applicants the day, even the hour, of an interview telling me they can't make it; even worse, some just don't show at all. As a candidate, you should know that graduating from school doesn't automatically entitle you to a job. You still need to go through the application and interview process like any other career opportunity. That means dusting off your old resume, showing up on time and researching that potential employer as if you were stalking an errant boyfriend! In short, you must hustle to make it in this industry— and here's how.

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