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Page 57 of 76 • august 2018 • [ 55 ] © GETTY IMAGES 5 PRACTICE AND BE PRESENT Look online for inspiration—sample interview questions can be found on any number of websites, such as and When answering, speak with confi dence and look your interviewer in the eye. Bring a notepad and pen, and give them a copy of your resume at the beginning. It's disrespectful to create distractions in an interview, so turn off your phone and any other device. I once had a prospect hold her fi nger up to me and say, "Just a second, I need to return this text real quick." Needless to say, that interview ended abruptly. BE AVAILABLE AND CONFIDENT If the job says it includes weekends, don't go through the whole process knowing you can't work Saturdays. Let the interviewer know you are excited about the opportunity, and sell yourself by assuring them you'd be a great candidate for this position. Thank them for their time, and follow up by sending a note thanking them for the opportunity. Chances are your phone will soon be ringing with an off er! u 7 SHOW CURIOSITY Usually, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions about the role or company. This is your chance to shine. Plan ahead by scouring the company website for clues that will be helpful, and take time to learn about their spa's philosophy, services and products. If nothing else, ask about opportunities for advancement, which lets your potential employer know you're a go- getter and interested in moving up the ladder. S U q 6 beginning . It to c re a an i n o ff q to s en d e d

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