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[ 14 ] • # dayspamagazine • september 2018 spotlight by Alexa Joy Sherman Why did you decide to offer permanent makeup (PMU) services? Kellie Baxter, CEO, Revive Health Center and Spa in Woodstock, Georgia: We started providing these services in 2016 because we had a large number of clients who needed them—older guests who couldn't see well enough to apply their own makeup, those who had lost their lashes and brows due to illness, and even women recovering from breast reconstruction who needed a nipple. We wanted to help them all feel gorgeous and regain some of what they had lost. We also had several clients who weren't happy with the procedures they received at other locations—there was a need for safe, qualifi ed, top-notch PMU services in our community. Carrie Brown Smith, PMU artist, Orchid Spa and Wellness in Orlando, Florida, and Nouveau Contour trainer: When the spa fi rst opened in 2015, the owners knew that PMU services were in high demand and that my experience and education would be valuable to them. They can refer clients to me for just about every need, whether it's cosmetic or reconstructive/medical— that way everything stays in house, versus sending guests elsewhere. Which of these offerings are the most popular? Marina Alleyne, esthetician and PMU artist at Magda's Skin Care Clinic in Winter Park, Florida, and trainer with Nouveau Contour: Eyebrows are trending right now, so those are defi nitely the most sought-after services. Microblading (120 min./$550) offers a more natural look, and Powder Brow (120 min./$450) looks more made-up. Eyeliner (90 min./ $400-$600) is a close second. It takes less time, and touchups are usually very quick. Sarah Redmond, founder, Cocoon Urban Day Spa in San Francisco: We currently perform Upper Eyeliner (90 min./$400), Lower Eyeliner (45 min./$300), Upper Lash Enhancement (60 min./$300), Full Fill Brows (120 min./$550) and Microblading (120 min./$550). © GETTY IMAGES Permanent Makeup Services Pros discuss how cosmetic tattooing procedures can be a profi table part of a spa menu.

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