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[ 16 ] • # dayspamagazine • september 2018 spotlight © GETTY IMAGES Permanent Makeup Training and Resources American Microblading Academy: Beau Institute: Brow Design International: Caress Permanent Makeup: Dallas Skin Institute: Deluxe Brows: EZ Permanent Makeup: Mallyna Microblading Master Class: Microblading Academy: NaturaLook Institute of Permanent Cosmetics: Nouveau Contour: Occhi' Institute: Phibrows International: Swiss Color: World Microblading: All are very successful, but microblading has been a game-changer. It looks so natural and great on just about everyone, including men who would like to fi ll in gaps or thicken their brows without looking like they're wearing makeup. Smith: Eyebrow services! Initially, it was Microblading (120 min.-150 min./$450), but now it's moving toward Powder Brows (120 min.-150 min./$550), which is a softer look that lasts a bit longer, and Combo Brows (120 min.-150 min./$600), which is a combination of the individual microblading hair strokes and powder. Prices include: a consultation to determine the best option for the client's skin type, lifestyle and natural growth pattern, as well as to map the brows and pre-numb the skin; the initial service on the same day; and one touchup a month later, to perfect the shape and adjust color and density. After the fi rst session, I send my clients home with postprocedure ointment and instructions. Most return for a Retouch (60 min./$250-$300) within a year to 18 months. What's your best advice for spas that want to add PMU to their menus? Redmond: Train an esthetician who is a brow expert and very serious about learning this skill. The time and expense for licensing and startup can be high. Your PMU artists must spend as much time as possible practicing and working on models until they feel completely comfortable performing the services—it's not as easy as it looks and there is very little room for error. Baxter: Make sure you have a highly skilled, highly trained professional PMU artist, that you've seen their work and that you're happy with their portfolio. Also, they should be up to date on all the latest technology. Smith: I defi nitely recommend it, but there are so many technicians out there and each state's regulations are different, so you have to check an artist's background, and ensure that they're licensed and have liability insurance. (If they're an employee, look into adding these services to your own liability policy.) Examine the tech's work after it's healed—fresh work always looks beautiful, but it's the fi nal outcome that matters. Finally, techs who belong to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP)—a community of artists who pay membership dues and truly care about the well-being, safety and future of the industry—are likely to be your best bet. How has cosmetic tattooing boosted revenue for your spa? Smith: I own my business and rent my space at Orchid Spa. I typically perform about fi ve new brow procedures and 10 touchups per week. I bring in guests who may not have found the spa on their own, and vice versa, so it's been really benefi cial for us both. Redmond: PMU has added another element to our menu, and we've gained new clients. It's very profi table and a lot of these guests return after six months to a year. Alleyne: It varies, but we typically do about 60 percent facials and 40 percent PMU. Over the last couple of years, PMU has become much more common for younger women, especially due to the popularity of microblading. Talking with clients during their skincare treatments gets them excited about PMU, so we don't even need to do much extra marketing. Baxter: It's a lucrative service and has been life-changing for clients. They're so happy with the results and time they save—they love that they can sweat, swim or cry, and their makeup remains fl awless! u w or k o uld be All a ga a s ( 12 0 i n di v i include: client's skin ty M O R E O N T H E W E B

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