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[ 70 ] • # dayspamagazine • september 2018 work fl ow back because it's tired," explains Cannone. "Over time, this creates a forward tipped pelvis." This condition is known to result in back pain, among other ailments. For this and other postural problems, if the mounting pressure isn't relieved, it can lead to more serious issues such as herniated and bulging discs, and sciatica, warns Cannone. Beyond physical factors, emotional stress can also contribute to back pain. The late John Sarno, MD, who was a professor of rehabilitation medicine at New York University School of Medicine, was so convinced of this mind-body connection that he developed the concept of the psychosomatic "tension myoneural syndrome," in which physical aches and pains are believed to be caused by emotional rather than physical problems. Cannone says the notion does have merit, in that stress can make us vulnerable to illness by compromising our immune system, and increase pain by promoting chronic infl ammation. Compound these issues with other risk factors—which include being overweight and a lack of regular exercise—and it's easy to understand how back pain can quickly become a problem. Straighten Up Although massage therapists are urged during their training to stay in good physical condition to maintain a long and healthy career, and they're educated in techniques to protect themselves from injury, certain on-the-job scenarios can still lead to back problems. For this reason, it's important that supervisors pay close attention to all employees' ergonomics and make adjustments accordingly. That includes recommending specifi c techniques and postures during services, as well as providing the right furniture and equipment. The size and shape of workspaces, plus the positioning and dimensions of furniture and equipment are key considerations for fending off back pain. The setup of treatment beds is a good © GETTY IMAGES

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