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Page 73 of 92 • september 2018 • [ 71 ] example. "Healthy posture is impossible if the bed isn't the right height," points out Leah Lynch, owner of Beautique Salon & Spa in Newburyport, Massachusetts. "If the bed is too low, therapists have to hunch over the client, and if it's too high they'll have to strain." Since no one height works for everybody, Lynch suggests investing in adjustable beds. She also recommends ergonomically correct chairs, along with full-spectrum lighting when needed, "so that estheticians don't have to bend to see better." Mackenzie MacDonald, spa director at Miraval Life in Balance Spa in Dana Point, California, encourages owners to involve staff in the selection and trial of furniture and equipment to ensure ergonomic harmony. Even if your employees learned proper posture and self-care practices in school, providing additional resources will go a long way, too. For instance, Miraval off ers a body mechanics class to its massage therapists. "The course incorporates hands-on best practice demonstrations to ensure everyone knows how to adjust table height as well as body position and movement, encouraging correct angles and leverage to protect the lower back," explains MacDonald. Owners can also off er guidance on a smaller scale: Lynch advises her staff to use their time between clients to stretch forward, backward and to the sides. © GETTY IMAGES

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