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[ 76 ] • # dayspamagazine • september 2018 © GETTY IMAGES Putting It Out ere Companies use diff erent types of devices to distribute selected scents. Larger spas might need to release fragrance mist via heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, but smaller scent machines, as well as tabletop diff users, can sometimes be a better choice for keeping certain rooms more individualized. Either way, advances in aroma delivery systems are benefi cial to b usinesses for a variety of reasons. For instance, both Aroma360 and Scentpression off er cold-air diff usion, which breaks down oils into a dry mist with the use of cold, fi ltered air released into HVAC ducts. This preserves the integrity of essential and fragrance oils, says Curry. "The systems release fragrance microparticles so small that they easily fl oat in the air, which ensures an even distribution of scent throughout the space and reduces the amount of oil required, making it more economical," he adds. Portable diff users, candles, room sprays and reed diff users are all good choices for smaller spaces. Another option for treatment rooms: ScentAir's scent sticks, which are lightly fragranced and can be individualized according to client preferences, says Ed Burke, ScentAir vice president of customer strategy and communication. "It's a special type of paper with the fragrance whipped into it—not a stick in oil," he notes. "It evaporates out, which gives a more subtle experience. We love white tea and thyme scent sticks in treatment rooms; it's a smart solution for a small space like that." Bringing It Home Spas are also realizing the power of scent branding, which takes ambient scent marketing a step further by incorporating signature aromas into retail products. This not only serves as an added opportunity for sales, but can further stre ngthen a guest's connection to the business. "Our goal is to remind clients of our spa every time they light a candle," says Bowden. In that sense, it may even be worth giving away a small promotional gift, such as a rollerball, room spray or sample-sized cream. But retail products can also boost revenue from individuals who haven't even received a spa service, adds Bowden. Margaritaville guests have to pass the spa en route to the fi tness room, and they're often drawn in by the fragrance at the entrance and end up purchasing branded products. Whether you're using aromatherapy throughout your spa, in products, or both, scent marketing comes down to creating a complete experience and identity. After all, as Abassi points out, once clients have been in a space with ambient scent, other spaces can seem empty or unfi nished. "In a competitive marketplace, it also diff erentiates you from the ones not doing it," she says. u marketing savvy

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