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alternative health [ 54 ] • # dayspamagazine • october 2018 teaching her patients home exercises to maintain their equilibrium. Like massage, it's a good idea to caution clients to rise slowly and drink plenty of water. In fact, medical qigong can be easily off ered in tandem with massage services as a more energetic form of bodywork. e Right Moves According to our experts, the results of regular practice speak for themselves. "Qigong has a long history of keeping people well," notes Cynthia Niermann, certifi ed qigong teacher and wellness consultant in San Clemente, California. "Based on the premise that sickness and stress are caused by energy blockage, it's also extremely eff ective for strengthening muscles, keeping joints fl exible, and feeling good." In addition, research published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), among other medical journals, has shown that qigong movements can help improve balance and range of motion, and it's been linked to boosted mood, better sleep, lower blood pressure and reduced infl ammatory markers, some of which are associated with heart disease and cancer. There is also some science behind it as a stress-minimizing tool. In a study published in the International Journal of Stress Management, subjects reported lower levels of anxiety, depression and fatigue after a 30-minute practice. "When I fi rst discovered qigong, I found a sense of inner peace I'd never really experienced," says Abrams. "It allowed me to get rid of the chatter and release a lot of tension I didn't know I had." Even for newcomers, just one class or treatment can make a diff erence— something Burquez sees regularly on her treatment table. "Clients arrive emotionally challenged, but after a session they have such a strong sense of well-being," she says. And that sense of serenity isn't the only thing that prevails: Chase recently taught a 20-minute fl ash class to six participants—some of whom had just driven for 13 hours—and she noticed that even a quick practice can be reinvigorating. "They said they felt much more alert afterwards," she reports. © GETTY IMAGES

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