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[ 60 ] • # dayspamagazine • october 2018 ROSY HOW IT WORKS : Rosy Salon Software is cloud-based and was developed by spa and salon owners for the beauty industry. The program allows clients to schedule appointments directly via the spa's website or Facebook page, sends automated confi rmation messages to clients, and notifi es staff of appointment changes or cancellations. It also includes customizable and automated email marketing campaigns, as well as a booth rental management feature for owners who rent treatment rooms to independent practitioners. In its premium package, Rosy provides an e-commerce platform that operates as a branded online store fi lled with your retail. When a client purchases an item, the products are shipped to them directly via local distribution—the spa doesn't even have to carry the inventory. "It helps the business compete with online retailers by allowing spas to off er a variety of products, set the permissions and watch sales grow," says Jim Bower, founder of Rosy. STAR FEATURE : Suggestive Selling is a system that generates product recommendations based on clients' preferred services and purchasing history. The feature operates whenever a spa-goer buys something, whether it's in the physical retail area or via the website. These product suggestions can noticeably boost a spa's retail sales, says Bower, noting that in some cases, Suggestive Selling has doubled those profi ts. PRICE : From $29 per month VAGARO HOW IT WORKS : This cloud-based spa, salon and fi tness platform allows owners to manage virtually every aspect of their business. Vagaro lets clients book and pre-pay online, launches automated marketing programs, and off ers a mobile-enabled credit card swiper that allows spas to process payments with an iPhone or iPad. Businesses can email Daily Deals (i.e., discounts, coupons or specials) to clients, as well as post them on social media and Vagaro's website and app. "This greatly increases the spa's chances of gaining valuable clients in their area, as the promotions are featured prominently on a number of platforms including our online beauty marketplace," notes Vagaro marketing manager Patricia Cornet. STAR FEATURE : Social media integration is a standout for several reasons. "Access to our software is paired with the ability to schedule treatments and get paid via a variety of social media platforms, in addition to Vagaro's own spa and salon search engines. So, spas can turn followers into clients by off ering the option of booking services directly from Instagram, Facebook and Yelp," explains Cornet. PRICE : From $25 per month u plugged in © GETTY IMAGES

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