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[ 72 ] • # dayspamagazine • october 2018 Why is organic skin care so important now? It's crucial, perhaps more than ever, due to our knowledge of the potential negative eff ects that chemicals, pesticides and artifi cial additives can have on our health. Many people also have conditions that make their skin more sensitive to those chemical additives, so organic skin care gives us the tools to provide eff ective results without creating reactions or sensitization. If you weren't in this industry what would you be doing? It's hard to imagine doing anything else, but I would probably be following my other passion, music, and singing all day. I pretty much do that anyway, so life wouldn't be that diff erent! In all seriousness, though, I truly love writing music and singing, and I can't get enough of it. What advice would you give someone just starting out in the industry? Constantly surround yourself with those who are more successful than you, always be open to critical feedback, and do what you are most afraid of. The best thing I ever did for myself was overcoming my paralyzing fear of public speaking. I've been able to transform that fear into the passionate energy I use to educate estheticians, from groups of 4 to 400. Whenever I'm afraid or uncomfortable doing something new, therein lies the biggest sel f-growth opportunity. All it takes is belief in myself and the courage to try. Who is your professional mentor? Boldijarre Koronczay, president of Éminence. I know this is the obvious answer, and potentially clichéd, but it's true! I'm inspired by his vision of healthy, organic skin care—before it was popular—as well as his incredible work ethic and his ability to make training fun yet impactful, which has become a pillar of our award-winning education. Of all the company's charitable causes, which stands out most in your mind? Éminence Kids Foundation, defi nitely! It provides organic meals to children with cancer, and I feel a personal connection to this cause; I've had multiple family members, including my mother, suff er with the heartbreaking eff ects of the disease and its treatments. I feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity to give back through this charity, and I'm grateful to be a part of a company that is so invested in providing healthy nutrition to those going through such a diffi cult time. u Brian Goodwin International Trainer, Éminence one on one industry leader Q&A RAPID RESPONSE A Personal mantra: You don't want those carbs. Walk by them. A Guilty pleasure: 'Real Housewives.' Shhhh… A Favorite skincare product: Éminence Facial Recovery Oil A Pet peeve: People who run late. A Scariest thing you've ever done: Skydiving Teaching a Masterclass On the main stage at ICES Dallas M O R E O N T H E W E B

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