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words from the wise [ 46 ] • # dayspamagazine • december 2018 into guided meditations and educational platforms. And putting out coloring books and journals clients can use says, 'My spa cares about your emotional well-being.' Reed: We've implemented puzzles, calligraphy books and Zen sand gardens to help our guests slow down. You must encourage them to arrive early, stay late and unplug from their devices! Brown: Create small wellness nooks—like reading or meditation corners, with herbal tea and spa water stations—and off er a small gift upon arrival or departure that extends the healing experience. Rather than using electronic meditation tools, why not train staff members to lead simple breathing exercises or meditations? People are starved for this type of human connection. How can spa owners best attract and retain star staff? Sarfati: To engage the right employees, choose people who fi t your company culture; test their skincare knowledge, communication skills and technical abilities; look into candidates' educational histories; and consider off ering employment on a trial basis to see if they're the right fi t. To retain them, off er ongoing training and benefi ts/perks—paid vacation, health care, 401k—as well as incentives and commissions. Brown: Have a clear picture in your mind of exactly who you want caring for your clients, write out a list of skills and qualities they should possess, and use this to create job descriptions. By giving candidates a clear understanding of your business and who you want to have in it, they'll be better able to self-select whether they're a fi t; those who are good fi ts from the beginning are easier to retain long term. Provide clear guidelines for pay, perks, rewards and promotions, too. Mersberger: With the industry therapist shortage—we currently have more than 30,000 unfi lled jobs—we must continuously invest in our employees to retain them. At Kohler, we provide monthly training, education assistance and, for the fi rst time, will host our own massage school that will off er an easy, aff ordable way for front-line staff and others to obtain their licenses. It's an important point of diff erentiation from competitors fi ghting for the same employees. Koronczay: Share openings on social media and emphasize the fl exible work schedule and opportunity to make a lasting diff erence for clients—all highly appealing to millennials. Be clear about 'career path'-ing for star staff members, and allow them to take on new responsibilities. Nelson: It's a common misconception that people leave a company because of the pay. Studies actually show that the primary reason employees leave is that they don't feel valued. Words of affi rmation, quality time, acts of service and small, tangible gifts go a long way toward making workers feel appreciated. Asquith: A one-size-fi ts-all reward is no longer the norm, though. Society has become more focused on work/life balance, and today's employees want to be respected and recognized for their contributions. Discover what's important to each individual—a reward for achieving sales goals could be monetary, extra paid time off or their own spa day. Collier: Personal, sincere, compassionate connections are crucial. Participate in team-building, training and fun events; and a few times a year, plan a group meal where it's understood that it's family time—no business talk! Buss: From providing healthy snacks on a busy day to upgrading the employee lounge (how old is that stained couch?), spa owners can create an environment that allows staff to do their jobs in a relaxed, joyful manner— and clients will notice the diff erence! u © GETTY IMAGES

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