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profi t center [ 60 ] • # dayspamagazine • december 2018 past seven years, I've advertised in Retirement Connection, a magazine that educates seniors about local services," she notes. "I also network with case managers, social workers and caregivers." Ke nyon, on the other hand, focuses on getting her name in front of corporate clients by attending Chamber of Commerce meetings and partnering with event planners, human resources directors and representatives from boutique hotels. Meanwhile, C.B.N. markets to all sorts of clients, from kids to big companies, with special packages like Little Diva Spa Parties and Corporate Wellness Programs. They also have a generous Refer A Friend Rewards Program, off ering a $10 credit for each referral, along with a 10 percent discount for the person who was referred. "Word of mouth and referrals have been a major key to our success," says Eans. In many ways, off ering a mobile option means your services practically market themselves. As the aforementioned NTR survey noted, awareness of on-demand services nearly doubled between 2016 and 2017, with consumers increasingly seeing advantages to using such options. As that awareness continues to grow, so too will the moneymaking opportunities available to mobile spa pros. "When people hear about mobile spa services, they're blown away by what a magical idea it is and want to try it, but have trouble justifying the higher cost of home delivery. However, once they take the leap and realize how convenience enhances relaxation, they love it and want to continue getting spa services delivered to their doorsteps," enthuses Kenyon. u © GETTY IMAGES

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