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Page 63 of 77 • december 2018 • [ 61 ] in the news industry headlines © GETTY IMAGES The global wellness market grew at a historic rate of 12.8 percent between 2015 and 2017, from a $3.7 trillion to $4.2 trillion industry, according to the new 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor released by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI). The report, which features comprehensive data and analyses, also found that Europe is the fastest growing spender on workplace wellness, and that China and India are the fastest growing wellness tourism markets. "We believe that wellness real estate, workplace wellness and wellness tourism will see the strongest future growth, while other sectors will also grow as they support the integration of wellness into all aspects of daily life," says GWI senior research fellow Ophelia Yeung. "And wellness markets will become more interconnected, converging to off er solutions and experiences in the places where people live, work and travel." All Is Well W E L L N E S S W A T C H Full Steam Ahead LivNordic, the Scandinavian spa brand founded by Raison d'Etre, has launched a collaboration with Sauna From Finland to promote a better understanding of the authentic Finnish sauna practice and its benefi ts. "As the Global Wellness Institute's 2017 trend forecasting said, using the sauna can sometimes be described as 'an uninspired, lonely experience in a hot box,' so this is where our mission starts—to actively help spas improve the practice in a facility most of them already have," says LivNordic project manager Josefi n Roth. Based on several studies, Sauna from Finland has compiled a "Quality Handbook" defi ning the core values of the sauna experience as authenticity, multi-sensuality, presence, relaxation, cleanliness and well-being. The company also off ers an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certifi cate to members of the industry who meet its criteria. "It's about the design, construction and programming," notes Roth. "I'm sure several concepts and products will arise from this collaboration—as a taster, we're currently looking into both fi tness and holistic beauty/antiaging in the sauna." It's common knowledge that massage therapy can be useful for pain management and relief. To support that case, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) published Massage Therapy in Integrative Care & Pain Management. The report details the effectiveness of massage therapy and presents the results of an economic model indicating that using massage therapy instead of opioids for specifi c types of pain could save the U.S. $23 to $25 billion each year. It also suggests that up to fi ve million American patients could benefi t from massage therapy, and that it could reduce the number of people with addiction disorder by more than 110,000 per year. H E A L I N G N E W S RUBBED THE RIGHT WAY

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