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Januar y 2019 • 45 SET THE TONE Anyone who's stressed can benefi t from sound healing— although pregnant women are advised to skip it (other contraindications include epilepsy, pacemakers, cerebral shunts and broken bones). The need is there, and most spas have the built-in infrastructure. "You're already providing a relaxing space, usually with background music," notes Doss. "I think we take for granted how much that sound helps clients relax and settle into a deeper healing space. Even one instrument can enhance a peaceful atmosphere, whether it's a 15-minute add-on to a massage or an outdoor full-moon sound bath, where participants 'bathe' in the sound of a gong." Perhaps the biggest obstacle is fi nding the right practitioner. The modality isn't well regulated, with education options ranging from weekend courses to a 200- hour certifi cation from the Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School in Boulder, Colorado. But even more important than qualifi cations may be resonance. "First try the session; vibrate and feel the intention behind their work," advises Montana, who suggests that spas can also host in-house training for existing employees. Once the therapist is in place, equipment is typically minimal. "Tibetan bowls are a great starting point," says Doss. "The bowls serve as the foundation, and you can actually play them on and around the body." Of course, adding gongs, wind chimes and tuning forks—each with different spiritual and healing properties—adds dimension and new frequencies. Whether clients come to the treatment table brand new or having experienced something like it, sound therapy is an easily accessible modality. There's no learning curve or downward dog to master; all participants have to do is lie back and bask in the tones for instant bliss. u Miraval's Himalayan Sound Bath uses water to amplify singing bowl vibrations. COURTESY MIRAVAL

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