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by ALLISON WINN SCOTCH 48 @dayspamagazine • Januar y 2019 Just as no two people are alike, neither are any two skin tones—and, as the population grows increasingly diverse, so do the treatments available to estheticians. "We see many different skin types at our location near Queens and Harlem," says Kevin Oh, owner and spa director at KUR Skin Lab in New York City. "Thankfully, we now have the ability to cater to each one." Of course, while there's no one-size-fi ts-all approach and there will always be exceptions, some skin tones are more susceptible to certain issues. "Infl ammation will look different on someone from Senegal versus someone from Korea, and Southeast Asian skin is different from East Asian," notes Aliesh Pierce, esthetician at Polished Rx Skin Couture in Long Beach, California, and author of Treating Diverse Pigmentation (Milady, 2013). "All of this must be kept in mind when determining treatment." Here, using the Fitzpatrick Scale—a numerical classifi cation of skin's sensitivity to the sun, often used as a sort of shorthand within the beauty industry— experts discuss some of the more common concerns, from age spots to acne, and how they can best be addressed. A look at some of the more prevalent problems specifi c to certain skin shades, and how to address them in and out of the treatment room. © GETTY IMAGES TONE DEPTH

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