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COURTESY THALGO USA; © GETTY IMAGES When Belia began offering the Cavitation Treatment in 2017, the spa threw a launch party where it educated clients about the service and performed a demonstration so that they could witness it fi rsthand. Its popularity quickly spread as fans raved about the new procedure on Google and Yelp, and now demo videos are widely available for curious clients. "After watching demos online, they feel informed and more comfortable about trying it out themselves," says Yulianti. Premier Med Spa in Richardson, Texas, combines Alma Accent Skin Tightening RF (60-120 min./$250- $400) with the M'lis Contour Body Wrap (90-120 min./$165). The wrap delivers niacinamide and cinnamon to increase blood fl ow and fl ush out toxins, while the RF helps produce a younger look. "The detoxing can cause inch loss of up to 14 inches, so the treatment is ideal before special events or a vacation," says owner Katy Rohr, licensed esthetician and certifi ed injector. "Plus, the RF heats the skin to stimulate collagen production and cellular turnover, reducing fi ne lines and delivering a healthy glow to almost any area of the body—with no downtime." She notes that although results can be seen after one treatment, the spa recommends a series of six per area for optimal outcomes. READY TO ROLL Spas unable to commit to the often expensive aesthetic devices may prefer to offer more manual treatments combined with targeted topicals. The most popular body contouring service at Tulalip Resort Casino's T Spa in Tulalip, Washington, is the Body Sculpt Treatment With Body Palp (75 min./$185). The slimming and fi rming service by Thalgo incorporates a double-mask body wrap that infuses oxygen deep into skin cells, ultimately detoxifying and encouraging the elimination of stored fat. Then, the brand's patented Body Palp massage helps refi ne, reshape, fi rm and tone the skin. "The body palp device has an adjustable, calibrated pump and uses patented lift and roll technology; it's like a cupping device, but it doesn't heat up or leave any marks when you lift and roll the skin," reports T Spa manager Naomi Ervin. "We added the service last spring, and the results are crazy—you can really see the changes." The treatment touts a 1.18-inch reduction in hip circumference, 33 percent reduction in cellulite, 87 percent push-up in buttocks and visible improvement in skin fi rmness. Meanwhile, estheticians love the device's ease of use, and Ervin notes that it increases therapists' hand strength as well. T Spa markets the service a number of ways. "We promote the treatment on social media and with in-house advertising, and offer a 10 percent discount if clients purchase a series of six or more (we recommend at least three for best results)," says Ervin. "Everyone who experiences it sees results after the fi rst session—and books again!" The spa provides samples of the recommended body care to maintain those results at home, as well as the complete line of full-size products—including detoxifying ampoules, skin-fi rming lotion and a stomach/waist-refi ning cream—in its retail area. Similarly, Jeanné Maureen's European Spa & Salon in Hammond, Louisiana, provides the Silhouet- Tone P.R. Shape Technique (60-90 min./$200), which uses motorized rollers to perform palper rouler, a deep subdermal suction massage that helps release trapped fat and improve skin's appearance. The process draws the skin up and gently rolls it out, releasing lymphatic blockage and softening connective tissues. Then, ultrasound cavitation converts fat cells to a liquid form that can be naturally drained by the body. Manager Cori Vining advocates using the technique for shaping, toning, cellulite reduction and skin smoothing. "The service reduces water weight because it helps boost circulation, but we use it more often for shaping and counteracting cellulite on the arms, legs and stomach, eliminating the orange peel effect," she says. "Clients love having the option of getting the service as often as every two weeks, or spreading out the sessions." The spa recommends a series of six for optimal benefi ts—and when purchased in a series, guests save $25 per service. As with any body contouring technique, therapists encourage clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle— balanced diet, exercise and plenty of water—for lasting results. u 58 @dayspamagazine • Januar y 2019 SHAPE SHIFTERS Thalgo's Body Palp massage helps refi ne, reshape and tone for visible results.

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