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Neck & Décolleté Services Spa pros discuss their top strategies for addressing these oft-ignored areas. by Alexa Joy Sherman 24 @dayspamagazine • Februar y 2019 © GETTY IMAGES Mushrooms are classifi ed as neither plant nor animal, but fungi, producing reproductive spores that travel by air and water. Derived from the Anglo- French musherum or musseron, they were introduced commercially as food in the 1600s by a Parisian farmer, but they'd been prominent for centuries. In fact, ancient Egyptians believed mushrooms to be magical, ancient Romans reserved them as a culinary delicacy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine used them in healing supplements and tinctures. Dried mushrooms were even found among the possessions of Ötzi the "Iceman," a well-preserved mummy from 3300 B.C. Two parts of a mushroom can be extracted and used in skin care: the mycelium and the fruiting body, which are the sources of proteins, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids that help beautify the complexion. For the last decade, cosmetic formulas have used mushroom in a range of products, with increasing popularity year after year, and showing no signs of slowing down. Why it's a skincare all-star: Although they can be comprised of up to 95 percent water, mushrooms still maintain a treasure trove of nutrients, including zinc, potassium, selenium and vitamins B and D. Charlene DeHaven, MD, clinical director of Innovative Skincare, notes that this gives the fungi potent antiaging, antioxidant and anti- infl ammatory properties. "Mushrooms also deliver antimicrobial benefi ts, making them useful for treating acne," she says. Craig Kraffert, MD, dermatologist and president of K-beauty brand Amarte, expands on mushroom's popularity as a skincare ingredient: "Mesima, or black hoof mushroom extract, is added to formulations for its antioxidant and anti- infl ammatory benefi ts, and has been shown to relieve eczema symptoms. Research in Korea and Taiwan has also suggested that mesima can brighten hyperpigmentation and even aid in treating melanoma." IN FOCUS Mushroom This in-demand ingredient is sprouting up in spa treatment rooms thanks to its long list of beautifying properties. by Alisha Racker

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