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Februar y 2019 • 43 Design to soothe. Everything your clients see when they walk into your spa makes an impression—from the lighting to the layout—and is key to eliciting a state of total relaxation. That's why both Complexions locations have a color palette of warm, neutral tones, and a curved, fl owing fl oor plan devoid of sharp lines or angles. This all serves to create a more organic, serene environment, according to Dubois. Meanwhile, the decor at Modrn Sanctuary in New York City includes abstract paintings created by artists under hypnosis, which results in a free- fl owing aesthetic, says owner Alexandra Janelli. And, unlike a lot of spas, many of the walls at Modrn are black. "I've found dark rooms to be soothing, and I wanted to play off the sensory deprivation," she explains. "People say they feel calmer, as there's less for them to do with their eyes." Light and color therapy can also be incorporated into services, as with Modrn's Sensory 7 Light Sound Energy Therapy (30 min./$45; 45 min./$60). During the immersive wellness experience, LED lights generate a complete visible spectrum, with each color emitting a specifi c vibrational frequency intended to help alleviate different physical symptoms, helping the body reestablish its natural balance. Have a listen. The healing benefi ts of sound therapy have been well established; hence, relaxing music and the serene sounds of waterfalls, rain, chimes and gongs are mainstays at most spas. Guests at Complexions can choose their music from three different channels, depending on the state of mind they'd like to be in during their services. "One might be classic Zen spa music, and another might be instrumental," says Dubois. The Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Ritual (50 min./$115) at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California, is accompanied by the sound of a heart pulsating at a steady 60 beats per minute and tones without melody or harmony. This encourages guests to clear their minds and relax completely, says massage therapist trainer Brad Jensen. Similarly, during Modrn's Sensory 7, clients listen to binaural beats—sounds played at two specifi c frequencies that have been shown to balance the mind and deepen relaxation. Make scents. Scent is deeply tied to feelings and memory, and studies have demonstrated that specifi c ones, such as lavender and citrus, can help ease a range of emotional symptoms, from anxiety to premenstrual syndrome. At Complexions, aromatherapy is tailored to guests in a variety of ways. Prior to the Aromatic Alchemy massage (60 min./$139), for example, clients begin by answering a short questionnaire about their preferred fragrances and desired outcome (e.g., stress relief) using an app, which then prescribes a custom-blended oil for their service. "We wanted LEFT: COURTESY MODRN SANCTUARY; RIGHT: COURTESY ELIZABETH HAYNES PHOTOGRAPHY 1 2 3

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